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Kilo-march-papa crash and moon-island-uniform crash on different cars

    1. GTA V Version is from CDKeys
    2. Car Add-on mods to FXServer

    Hi all sorry its a little plan, I am all new to figuring out how to do the car-add ons, as it stand what i am currently doing is testing the cars on a fxserver, nothing added at all, if you guys suggest I should any advice would be great.
    Once I have tested the cars they then will be introduced to a live server.

    My problem is this a few of the cars I am either getting the one or the other crash depending on the car !

    Now in regards to the cars they are individually in a [carpack[ then all in there own folder with both a steam fold and __resource.lua with the relevant meta.data etc in !

    Any recommendations or fixes would be great all, along with a simple breakdown to follow.

    Kind regards and keep up the great mods

  • refer to this guide here, it explains how to fix the moon-island-uniform issue which may also fix the kilo-march-papa issue

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