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Make breakable glass [VIDEO]

  • Hey ! :) For people who don't know how to make breakable glass, this video is for you ;) !

    As alway, even if you don't understand french, you can understand the tutorial just by following the video ;)
    And of course, community substitle help is activated, if you can and want, you can help me to translate the video, for moment I just translate title and description :p

  • good tutorial,

    I could make a tutorial of how to make collision root for the chassis, bumper_r ....

  • @Game68240 hey tutorialmaster, can you make a tutorial how to do dirtmap? this would help me alot. on my e21 the sunshield gets dirt on the left but the whole rest of the car only gets darker but not dirt. i think i must uvmap the bodyshell with smallspec in uv3 or something. hope you can show how to do this correct. thank you

  • @TobsiCred Follow my video how to make a perfect template, you make the same but edit UV channel #3 instead UV channel #2 ;)

  • @Game68240 thanks for the reply. i have already done a template for my e21 with the help of your video. so i do the same with uv3 :grin: perfect, thats easy... but you have to know it :blush: YOU ARE THE BEST! i got one little question, again (sorry) today i watched your video about hq mirrors and another where you are scaling the steeringwheel so that the part stay centered. you always use a keybind to set the pivot. i must grab it with the mouse and move it everytime cause my french is very bad :grimacing: so can you tell me the keybind to set the pivot for example in the middle of the mirror? have a nice evening

  • @TobsiCred Press X :)

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