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Cannot scroll Enhanced native trainer menu

  • Hello,
    So I am not able to scroll the trainer menu using numpad keys, although I can select (NUM5) and go back (NUM0). I was able to to use the native trainer(which came along with scripthook) perfectly.

    What I tried until now with no success:
    Deactivating windows mouse keys
    Reassigning controls from ent-config.xml
    Re-installing and using previous versions

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    TIA :)

  • Thanks for the link on the ENT page. For some reason I never receive alerts when I'm tagged here...

    Anyway what's the format you're using to bind keys in the config as I genuinely do not know why even rebinding keys doesn't work for you (it really should). I'm guessing when you say "windows mouse keys" - I'm assuming numlock is on as well.

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