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another reason?

  • For the previous few months I have been asking about the reasons that may crash my game. If you take a look at my topic you can find a lot...... sorry for bothering but this is so confused that I can't enjoy my game at all, I tried to ask many people but only receive a few replies...
    Now seems like the mods I installed are pretty ok and they won't effect my game, but I think my game driver can be one of the reason. I use the GeForce experience and always keep the driver up to date, my friend told me the new game driver may contain bugs and cannot fit all the games.
    So, for these guys who never have a game crash problem, can you share which version of the driver are you using? thank you:)

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  • Always the latest version, except I don't let it auto-optimize my gaming experience as that tends to mess everything up. I know how to tweak and don't need some cobbled together algorithm doing it for me.

  • I also use the latest GeForce Update. You can look up updates at the NVidia Update downloads. Maybe a previous one might be there. I'm not sure. Some mods are outdated and cause the game to crash because they aren't compatible with the current update. This also goes with scripts and ASI. CScenarioPoint-Patch.ASI was one of those that prevented the game from booting up. Until it got updated.

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