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What are the best mods to spend money in-game?

  • Hi,
    I've installed this gang and turf mod that's supposed to replicate GTASA's gang and turf mini-game, and so far it's been amazing. But, it doesn't come without its flaws, as it gives me way too much money in-game and after buying almost everything in the game, there really is nothing left to buy but cars and planes, which gets boring when you think about it.

    Are there any good mods that allow me to buy things like apartments, garages, businesses, more expensive things etc. that aren't outdated? I tried SPG, which was outdated and had problems. I also tried SPGR which also had problems tho it's newer. There was this savehouse mod that allowed you to buy apartments, but guess what? Also outdated. I've tried searching a lot for mods where you can spend shit loads of cash but I either get "do i get banned for using too much modded cash?" or "top ten mods", or they're outdated.

    I would appreciate your suggestions a lot. Thanks.

  • meh

  • This post is deleted!

  • @athharmn said in What are the best mods to spend money in-game?:


    Really? Bump a two year old thread for that...

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