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add-on cars and car packs

  • hi. i'm new to modding gta5
    i tried a lot of things by now, so i pickt up all the stuff real fast.
    I didn,'t find any post related to my problem so…

    i'v had the map editor to work
    redux mod
    natrual vision
    la roads
    …. and so on without crashes

    i tried to instal the gtaiv car pack
    instand crash...
    scaled it back to only 1 car…

    I don't get any add-on cars to work… and need some help
    for this i removed all mods, and put back my back-up
    the only things installed right now are listed below.

    1st off i used:

    Steam Downgrade v1.0.1737.6

    then installed all the following:


    simple trainer (for add-on cars)

    Gta Config For v 1.0.1868.0 (0,5x traffic 0,5x peds)

    I tried to instal a add-on car manuel with open IV
    and with the package installer,... the game runs and doesn't crash
    once ingame i open simple trainer. go to added cars…
    every single option says disabled.
    I triend all manual inputs with simple trainer and menyoo.
    no succes

    the following is what i did with open IV

    edit mode

    in the left side: update\x64\dlcpacks -> copied the add-on car map here (with inside only a dlc.rpf file)
    i've also placed the addon car map in the same derectiory in the mods folder (just to be sure)


    update\update.rpf -> show in mods folder
    common\data -> dlclist.xml -> edit -> copy last line
    -> paste, edit line with car name, -> save

    openIV -> file -> close all archives. -> close program.
    launch game -> story mode -> simple trainer -> added cars -> disabled

    any solutions ? or someone who knows where it did go wrong ?

  • Banned

    Get rid of Redux. If you want good visuals use NaturalVision Remastered (update coming soon this quarter) + VisualV.

    Also, get the gameconfig from World of Variety.

    You also only need to edit files in the mods folder. Never edit the main game files.

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