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Simple zombies not working?

  • So I’ve done every step, downloaded everything I need but simple zombies still doesn’t work nothing happens when I press F10


    Even if you guys followed every step on the description etc. some of you are not aware what admin permissions can do so follow my steps in order to make it work :D

    1. Go to your gta 5 main folder and right click it and go to properties > security
    2. You'll see a list of users and groups, go to edit
    3. Go to every user and put total control (1st option) on permissions
    4. After you've done it in every user press apply
    5. Recommend: Try to put a file inside gta 5 main folder, if it doesn't ask permission you're good to go
    6. Launch gta 5 and see if it's working!

    This will fix simple zombies mod not appearing and scripthoovdotnet.log not appearing aswell

    I hope it helped you guys!

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • didn't work. Any other solutions? Because i did the steps the same as you said.

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