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Available online or just solo?

  • Hi

    Never modded my game before and just curious are these mods available for the online version of GTA5 or just the solo end of the game?


  • Banned

    No mods for online, also we don't discuss that here.

  • All I asked is if they can be used online or not. not asking anything more then that. No need to be rude!


    @Dave2 he wasn't being rude there, trust me :)
    Discussions on modding online are prohibited but you're asking what mods can be used online and that's indeed different.
    I couldn't tell as I have never played GTA:O to date. No scripts that's for sure, maybe you could get away with graphic mods like a different timecycle or something but I wouldn't advise doing so.

  • @ReNNie Yeah my case was just asking if any of the mods already here for GTA5 could be used in the online version so in this case not worth wasting my time trying to install any of them as I never play solo so being online won't work then that answers my question.


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