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CONVERSION TUTORIAL : Convert cars to GTA V (from GTA SA, IV, Forza, Project Cars...) [VIDEO]

  • Hey ! :) For all people who want to start modding, here are all instructions to convert your first car to the game. This tutorial show the biggest part of work, but not all. To improve your car after conversion, I make lot of other modding tutorials in video, you can watch them to learn more about modding and have a nice modded car.

    I know, it's long.
    To start you first car, I recommand you to try with a San Andreas car like in the video, and after you success the conversion you can try with Forza, GTA IV, Project car...ect...)

    Read the description, there is lot of link to help you, for exemple if a GTA SA or a GTA IV car is locked, there is a link to unlock it.
    You can find the list of all part of all vehicles of the game too.

    As alway, even if you don't understand french, you can understand the tutorial just by following the video ;)
    And of course, community substitle help is activated, if you can and want, you can help me to translate the video, for moment I just translate title and description :p

    There is 5 videos, follow them in order:


    Very useful. And nicely done.

  • @Akila_Reigns Thanks man :) !

  • Ca ma aider beaucoup quand j'ai commencer, merci :D

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If your title is in english
    The videos should be too

  • @Game68240 Could you male a zmodeler tut on how to make scissor/lambo doors and maybe suicide doors.

  • Salut,
    La première partie m'a beaucoup aidé mais je plante au début de la première, rien n'est comme toi donc rien ne suis. Peux tu me contacter afin de m'aider? C'est la première fois que je fais ça mais j'aimerai beaucoup avoir ce véhicule que je fais car il n'est pas encore réalisé par quelqu'un d'autre. Si toi ou quelqu'un peut m'aider pour la texture ce serait vraiment bien.
    Merci d'avance

  • If only it was in english

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