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[SCRIPT] Online content into the Single Player game

  • I couldn't help notice all the great stuff coming to GTA online in recent months, especially with the new Biker dlc. So I was wondering if a mod could be made whereby all the DLC from online could be put into single player. For example purchasing a clubhouse and the illegal businesses that came with the Biker DLC in the Single Player game and adding all the gameplay features that came with it. Also I'd like to see the finance and felony gameplay features (i.e. offices and organization's) in the single player game too, not to mention the yachts. Its a shame that Rockstar left this out of the Single Player game, I can't imagine it would be that hard to put it in. Plus I don't think it would be out of place in the Single Player experience.

  • I hope that too.

  • I was going to request the same thing, it would be great if someone could make this happen!

  • @MortlockZ nice to know I'm not the only one thinking this would be a good idea

  • @TV209 hey you have pirated gta?

  • @HamoodDev Discussions about pirated versions of GTAV is against forum rules. If you talk about that, it will get the thread locked.

  • @HamoodDev I bought it legally from a retailer

  • @LeeC2202 oh sorry didn't know.

  • @HamoodDev No worries mate

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/ use the search button... there is a shitload of online stuff that has been made or converted to single player game...all you have to do is search in the scripts section

  • @Quakex64 Yeah, maybe the vehicles, peds, and the "melee on bike" mechanic - but nothing like what OP is suggesting. We still don't have something as simple as the GTAO Gang Attacks ported to SP yet, only people's own versions which uses the mission editor which isn't as great as it sounds.

    There's an old, outdated script that adds some of the GTAO random events, but was never developed further. There needs to be an entire project dedicated to bringing all of the GTAO content to SP, than random little snippets and attempts.

  • Yeah modders have definitely done their best to keep up with different online add-ons individually. I'm gonna bump this anyways cause I agree it should all be single player DLC anyways and i also don't think any of it would be out of place. Even if it all didn't match up with story fuck it the games been out for over 4 years anyways.

  • @kinghippo2000 Thing is the content should be able to fit into story mode. The events of GTAO are supposed to take place before GTA V. Still hoping someone one day brings over all the content. Even the gang stacks and stuff. Seems like people just gave up, and only the vehicles are brought over these days.

  • Bump. It's been five months, and GTAO has some content that would blend nicely into SP for side-missions and stuff.

  • @cp1dell I doubt someone will convert the Online stuff in SP,unless I'm Mental would stop saying SPA is houses only

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