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[SCRIPT] Online content/gameplay in Single Player

  • I couldn't help notice all the great stuff coming to GTA online in recent months, especially with the new Biker dlc. So I was wondering if a mod could be made whereby all the DLC from online could be put into single player. For example purchasing a clubhouse and the illegal businesses that came with the Biker DLC in the Single Player game and adding all the gameplay features that came with it. Also I'd like to see the finance and felony gameplay features (i.e. offices and organization's) in the single player game too, not to mention the yachts. Its a shame that Rockstar left this out of the Single Player game, I can't imagine it would be that hard to put it in. Plus I don't think it would be out of place in the Single Player experience.

    *In my first post I wasn't aware of the community rules

  • @TV209 There are no community rule violations. :smiley:

  • You've already made a thread where you request this exact thing.
    Please refrain from making duplicate threads.


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