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Corrupt Game Data?

  • So basically every time I try to load single player, it'll show that little spinning wheel and changing background image as it usually does, but then a window pops up in the background reading "corrupt game data, please verify or reboot blah blah blah" and then the loading screen's background image goes black but the wheel still spins. After I close the pop up, my game crashes. The only things I use are scripthook v, scripthookvdotnet, heap adjuster, pack file limit adjuster, and menyoo, all using the latest versions. I noticed the game stopped working after I updated two things: OpenIV and Nvidia, however, I'm pretty sure it was the OpenIV update. My log files don't specify any errors and my launcher's log just gives me a useless error code to an 'unknown' crash. Any solutions?

  • If you have a mods folder try renaming it mods - backup and then launch your game and see if you load in your game correctly. If so then its most likely an issue with something you've installed

  • @ConnorgGames Thanks for the reply. You're definitely right, it is something I have installed. I have a million different add-on cars in my dlcpacks so I'll tinker with that and report back. Again, thanks much

    So I tried removing my car packs individually and launching the game but unfortunately the game did not load without errors. I tried messing with the gameconfig as well, however, it was not that either. I guess I'll wait it out for now

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