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Hover conversions?

  • I’m working on a Star Wars/LSPDFR mod overhaul called “Imperial Justice” basically adding Empire skins to vehicles and buildings, adding shuttles for SWAT, TIEs, and land speeders, and policing the city with various versions of stormtroopers. I’ve added some random peds as droids and am looking to add in some other alien skins to add some “other worldliness”. I would like to convert my els police cars to hover cars like the landspeeder as if they were on repulsor lifts. What’s the best way to do this? They don’t need to fly just float. Thanks

  • @ferretbk this probably ain't gonna be too helpful but maybe you could try to use the code for the oppressor mk2 since it can hover..

    if you don't wanna have to fix the speeds and that you could try checking the flags on the oppressor mk2 since more then likely there is a flag that decides whether the thing will hover or not

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