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  • Can someone give me an invisible pedestrian model? I mean the pedestrian not me.

  • @joshbon007 what ped would you like to replace?

  • @marveIIous Anything, but seems like the marine (s_m_y_marine_01).

  • Hello, I would like too an invisible ped as Add-On Ped. But with special features. For example, when it is raining or you go into the water it would be cool if you have the same brightness than when you are wet. The ped would be seen as a bubble when he is underwater. (Remember Hollow-Man movie?). Or blood stains when he is fired. Or if he is burning the flames must be seen. Or let footprints in sand and snow floors. Since a model hace a brightness when he is wet. It would be done starting from a nude man or/and woman ped model. I dont know if its possible but it would be cool. I would love something as that.

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