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Changing the girls in Vanilla Unicorn / lap_dance_2g

  • Hi, I've been modding my GTA 5 for a couple days and I was wondering if its possible to change the girls in Vanilla Unicorn.
    What I mean is I've tried to replace their models (the .ytd, .yft, .ymt and .ydd files) with ones I downloaded from here. I successfully did so by replacing 's_f_y_stripper_01' with the one I downloaded but when I try to get a private dance from one of them the model reverts back to the vanilla one in the private room.

    I tried replacing all instances of s_f_y_stripper_01 that I could find in OpenIV with the model I downloaded but all I got was glitchy stretched out models walking around the strip club.

    I'm also trying to use Object Spooning (from Menyoo) to add 2 of my downloaded models doing the double dance but I don't know which combination of animation to play and when.
    Using brute force, I've narrowed it down to:

    • mini@strip_club@lap_dance_2g@ld_2g_p1 -> ld_2g_p1_s1
    • mini@strip_club@lap_dance_2g@ld_2g_p2 -> ld_2g_p1_s2
    • mini@strip_club@lap_dance_2g@ld_2g_p3 -> ld_2g_p1_s3

    I'm guessing 'ld' stands for lapdance, 2g stands for 2 girls, the p stands for 'part1, part2, part3'
    but I'm not sure what the 's' stands for in ld_2g_p2_s1

    Any input would be appreciated.

    EDIT: I figured out that the 's' actually stands for girl 1 (left girl) and girl 2 (right girl) and I managed to sync both animations for both girls properly. However, in-between animations are still kinda clunky and not smooth. Is there a way to make the transition between p1 p2 and p3 smoother?

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