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[WIP] GTAVOverride

  • GTAVOverride

    What is GTAV Override?

    GTAVOverride is a mod with toggle-able/configurable integrated features, it also stops all normal single-player scripts so the most basic things like death become very plain, this allows to re-define the whole single-player experience.
    Some or most of the features are dependent on the fact that GTAV single-player script are killed.
    So the mod try to provide remake functionalities like death/arrest, savegame, persistence and more ways of making money in a custom sandbox environment.

    Trying to combine this mod with other mod is at your own risk, try playing with config file GTAVOverride.ini if you experience incompatibilities. It may resolve them.

    The KillScript kills all 515+ scripts when the loading screen has completed. If you manually load a savegame or start a new game you will have to refresh scripts with your hotkey to restart it. You can change the delay before the kill-script is executed. You can also force this mod to ONLY KILL SCRIPTS if it's the only thing you need.

    You can now NOT KILL the scripts to use this mod in normal single player, you will need to cherry pick the scripts you enable.

    I will make a exception list in the future so that we can cherry pick any scripts, will need further testing.


    • Player persistence, auto-save with many settings.
      (Always load your game where you left it, player loadout is coming next.)

    • Vehicle persistence, auto-save last used vehicle.
      (Add vehicle blip on the radar when leaving vehicle, load the same vehicle next time.)

    • Kill all Single-Player scripts for sandbox mode or don't if you want to keep single-player story, but you will need to cherry pick your settings.
      (Make the game run smoother for some people and allow replacement of base game features.)

    • Rob pedestrian or groups at gun point, on foot or bikes, speeches work best with the 3 main characters.
      (Field of view, intimidation, control masses of people and manage person one by one by threatening them)

    • Randomize all pedestrians money.
      (Now have three social class, poor, regular, rich. Will ajust the model list, open to suggestions)

    • Choose between 3 different clock time mode.
      (Real-time like real-life, Virtual with custom timescale, Vanilla like GTAVanilla)

    • Choose what blips you want on the map featuring all Hospitals & Police Stations.
      (Will be toggle-able one by one, one day)

    • Will add all stores and mostly all ATM I can find.
      (And eventually make them operational)

    • Choose your re-spawn mode and fees at Death and Arrest.
      (Now set the fees, Disable Hospital/Police re-spawns, eventually add custom spawn-points, etc...)

    • Have a cleaner Wasted and Busted screen without texts.
      (Probably gonna add different style =))

    • Allowing creation of mods compatible with GTAVOverride, with many tools to access. (WIP)


    You can change settings manually by editing "GTAVOverride.ini " file.
    There are various categories of setting, I will try to explain them here.


    DEBUG_MODE [True | False]
    Toggle the debug mode on if your curious.

    Set a delay before the mod start killing GTAV scripts, use this if you need time with other mods.

    Only kill all GTA V scripts at start. This override any other settings.

    Do not kill the GTAV scripts, but you will need to play around with settings to make the perfect fit for you, like disabling Ammunations blips, ATMs, etc... You will have the normal single player mixed with the feature you enabled in the mod. Expect shit.

    INFO_INTRO_SCREEN [True | False]
    Enable the info intro screen when the game has loaded. It show Time, Date and Location for a duration of your choice.

    Duration of the intro screen when the game has loaded. 4000 is 4 seconds.

    UNLOCK_ALL_DOORS [True | False]
    Will allow to unlock all doors, gonna take some time to make so for now let's say it don't do that much.

    Set to False to prevent respawning at the nearest hospital when wasted.
    Will respawn near death location.

    HOSPITAL_FEE [500]
    Set the hospital fees when you respawn after death.

    Set to False to disable respawning at the nearest police station when arrested.
    Will respawn near death location.

    Set the policestation fees when you respawn after arrested.

    Randomizing people money between 0 to Your Desired Maximum.

    The maximum money poor people will possibly have when robbed or killed.

    The maximum money regular people will possibly have when robbed or killed.

    The maximum money rich people will possibly have when robbed or killed.

    Hold Character Wheel key to show radar and clock. Set this to False to keep the radar shown normally and will still need to hold the key for the clock.


    Disable Wasted and Busted effects and sounds.

    Disable the auto-save system.
    Player persistence is not completed yet, it is very basic.
    I am currently working on making it save your current and last used vehicle for next reload.

    CLOCKTIME_SCRIPT [True | False]
    Disable the custom real-time clock system.

    TIMESCALE_SCRIPT [True | False]
    Disable the slow-motion effect from this mod.

    ECONOMY_SCRIPT [True | False]
    Disable the economy system, currently does nothing but is prepared to allow banking and interest rate. Will be used will ATM_SCRIPT.

    ROB_PEOPLE_SCRIPT [True | False]
    Disable the Rob people at gun point script.

    PEOPLE_MONEY_SCRIPT [True | False]
    This script is responsible for people money randomization and debug money text.

    ATM_SCRIPT [True | False]
    Disable the ATM script, this will remove the custom ATM functionality by this mod.

    STORE_SCRIPT [True | False]
    Disable the store script. Not used yet.

    Disable the waypoint location subtitle.


    Maximum distance to threaten people, setting this too high might be overkill.

    When wanted stars or higher than that number you can't rob people anymore, set this to 5 always be able to rob.

    Set to True to receive the loot directly. Will not spawn wallets and handbags from people.
    The money is auto-magically added to your player, perfect when robbing on a bike!

    HELP_MESSAGE_BEEP_SOUND [True | False] - (NEW)
    Enable the beep sound when you target a person from behind and the help message show up.


    CLOCK_MODE [Sync | Virtual | Vanilla]
    There are 3 clock modes:

    • Sync - synchronize with your system clock, can't advance time.
    • Virtual - customizable timerate. Can advance time in future and choose the speed of a second.
    • Vanilla - time as the original game offer.

    Time and Date are saved with the player save file for persistence.

    Timerate is for the Virtual Clock Mode, it let you change the speed of a second.
    1 equal to 100%, 0.5 equal to 150% faster, 1.5 equal to 50% slower.

    ENABLE_TOP_CLOCK [True | False] - (NEW)
    Enable the top clock when holding character wheel key down.

    SHOW_SECONDS [True | False]
    Enable seconds visibility.

    Military time format is 24hr clock, setting this to False will make the time 12hr clock with AM/PM.


    SHOW_AMMUNATIONS [True | False]
    (WIP) Show ammunations around the map and show different blip for gun range.

    SHOW_ATM [True | False]
    (WIP) Show all stores around the map. Fade if the atm is unavailable.

    SHOW_STORES [True | False]
    (WIP) Show all stores around the map. Fade if the store is unavailable.

    SHOW_HOSPITALS [True | False]
    Show all hospital around the map.

    Show all police stations around the map.


    SAVE_DIRECTORY_PATH [scripts/GTAVOverrideData/]
    Set the directory path to save the game.

    Set the name your game will be saved.

    AUTO_SAVE_ENABLED [True | False]
    Toggle whether the game can save or not.

    AUTO_SAVE_DELAY [Milliseconds]
    Set the delay between auto-save in milliseconds.

    Show "Autosave..." with the saving spinner. Just a preference.

    Auto-save the game when you are fully re-spawned.

    AUTO_SAVE_WHEN_WANTED [True | False]
    Allow auto-save while being wanted by the cops. False by default for a challenge. Will add Added a feature that auto-save when successfully loosing the cops. Active only if False.

    AUTO_SAVE_IN_VEHICLE [True | False]
    Allow auto-save while sitting in a vehicle. Will not auto-save in flying vehicle, if landed.

    Do auto-save when your money has changed, positively and negatively.







  • Changelog:

    Update (Latest)

    • Added Player Loadout persistence.
      (will add weapon customization persistence and player character style soon).
    • Moved/Changed some default setting values, check post for more info.
    • Can disable top clock.
    • Can set the distance of reach for robbing people, don't set this too high.
    • Can now set the wanted level required to restrict rob people.
    • Fixed a bug where player would keep talking after robbing more then one person.


    • Restricting rob people at gun point when passed 2 police stars.
    • Added a setting to show HUD with a key, can now disable it to see the radar normally, clock still need the key down.
    • Reworked timescale (slow-motion) optimized death/arrest lags.
    • Removed the beep sound of the Threaten help message when aiming at people from behind.
    • Fixed the help message staying sometime after when not aiming.
    • People money randomization has been optimized and only randomize each ped once.
    • People money by Social Class has now minimum for Regular(minimum 1/5 of maximum) and Rich(minimum 1/4 of maximum).


    • Added settings to choose the Hospital Fee and PoliceStation Fee when respawning.
    • Added Social Class, Poor, Regular & Rich.
    • Can now set the maximum money generated by Social Class.
    • Added vehicle light persistence.
    • Blocked flashlight and vehicle horn while aiming at people to be able to Talk.
    • Reworked speeches for people interaction like robbing and any future interaction, will keep upgrading speech.
    • Added a visual clock while Character Wheel key is down.
    • HUD is now only visible while Character Wheel key is down (Will improve this even more).


    • Code cleanup and re-structure. Push to github only.


    • Can save in flying vehicle if, landed and not moving too fast.
    • Added a Intro screen with date, time and last location name.
    • Added a setting to turn off the new intro screen and to choose it's duration.
    • Fixed vehicle blip icon on radar based on the Vehicle Class.
    • Added Weather to persistence savegame.
    • Upgraded the Clock mode, with new settings.
    • Clock settings allow to show seconds and toggle Military time format.
    • Can now set the Virtual Clock timerate, e.g: 0.5 is twice faster than real time.
    • Fixed RobPeople in vehicles and unarmed.
    • Upgraded vehicle persistence code, fixed an error that would happen when changing vehicle a few time.
    • Added more debug information on screen.


    • Added save restriction in flying vehicle or while falling, etc...
    • Added vehicle persistence, no flying vehicle for now.
    • Fixed a Exception message error.
    • Upgraded the player initialization.
    • Some code cleanup and some more mess too.
    • Changed the killscript delay setting for Kill_GTAV_Scripts_Ms_Delay.
    • Optimized Killscript to not be a process like before.
    • Cannot rob bikers if they go too fast, they will not stop.
    • Added missing Police Station (La mesa)
    • Added a setting to NOT kill scripts (Beware what scripts you keep enabled).
    • When AUTO_SAVE_WHEN_WANTED if False, it will auto-save as soon as you lose the cops.


    • Added some player persistence (auto-save and many settings).
    • Added Spinner when game is saving.
    • Rob people has been upgraded, added a quick rob setting too.
    • Rob people no pickup setting give you the money instantly.
    • When robbing people, intimidate them faster by using the 'Talk' key.
    • Can now randomize people money.
    • Can now set the maximum money they have.
    • Fixed that you could rob animals.
    • ATM blip are smaller.
    • Fade store blips when getting nearby.
    • Can now stop biker by pointing a weapon on them when they are stopped.
    • Can now threaten people that are fleeing if they were not completely robbed.
    • Config file has many more options, info to be added to the forum post.
    • Config file is much more cleaner and readable.
    • A lot of code cleanups, a lot more to come...


    • ATM can now be used (animations).
    • ATM are disabled when Wanted.
    • Clearing ATM animation if reloading script while using it.
    • Can now Rob people in the street.
    • People you rob have random tolerance, aiming at them directly is more intimidating.


    • Toggle Police Respawns. (Will spawns at last location)
    • Toggle Hospital Respawns. (Will spawns at last location)
    • Added (Stores, ATM, Hospitals, Police Stations) blips, more to come.
    • Unlocking doors, more door to unlock.
    • Prologue door shoot to unlock (Not all yet)
    • Death & Arrest effects (PlayerScript)
    • Slow motion on death/arrest (TimescaleScript)
    • Many settings, you can disable any part of the mod as you see fit.

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