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Changing normal windows textures with light smoke windows?

  • Hi, I wanted to ask if anybody know how to change textures of windows for cars. I wanted to change textures of normal windows in cars to light smoke ones, so every NPC cars will spawn with light smoke windows automatically. I want to do this, because normal windows looks like they are not there, compared to GTA IV.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Banned

    How come you don't want to ask this anymore?

  • @QBit07 Wot? I am asking. I was... First time...
    So, does anybody know how to change normal transparent windows on cars to light smoke ones?
    So NPC cars will spawn with light smoke windows on their rides.

  • I'm pretty sure the windows just have one texture that gradually becomes darker with code...

  • @pat2785
    Don't worry, I can understand you. You are not suffering from aphasia :thumbsup:

    You can edit the default window tint of a vehicle by editing the hex value in the '<diffuseTint value=' line in a vehicle's 'vehicles.meta':


          <diffuseTint value="0xAA0A0A0A" /> 

    I'm not sure of the exact values myself but this looks promising & might be a good place to start. :thumbsup:

    Use Notepad++'s (<scroll down for x64 if required) 'Replace' (Ctrl+H) functionality to allow you to do it a lot quicker for multiple vehicles. :thumbsup:

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