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Addon Vehicle slots disabled?

  • no matter what i try, it says add on vehicles slots are disabled...
    ive tried deleting FiveM and reinstalling it, ive tried verify integrity of GTA V on steam, then do all the <item> stuff to the RPF etc etc yet still i bring up the car spawn menu, says Slot disabled for any of them, this is really annoying. i have spent like 4 hours trying to troubleshoot this and no avail.

    i can use everything else just fine on simple trainer, spawn cars from the game etc etc just the cars i HAD modded in before and worked fine, now says Slot disabled... what the hell is going on?

  • Banned

    Does FiveM have it's own forums? If so, most likely would be better off asking there.

  • @MelodyZE have you actually fixed it?

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