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A lot of work payed off. WOW (huge mod compilation)

  • @Akila_Reigns lol Its all Preferance really. Before I started tweeking my own I was using the Eye Candy preset.

  • GUYS! USE Project Reloads "ssaosettings.xml" I shit you not, it made the AA in my game seem SO much better!

  • HD leafy goodness... wish they were a little greener.0_1477100729121_GTA5 2016.png

  • WTF is this?! I haven't changed anything. The duke o death & Sanchez0_1477101070198_GTA5 2016-10-21 21-10-46.png are the only vehicles effected... O.o

  • @Frazzlee The headlight textures on the wall are from my dukes parked there. Its driving me nuts idk why the highbeams are so small... regular headlights work fine.

  • What are the specs of your computer?
    and whats your FPS look like?
    I have a decently good computer and a GTX 960 4GB
    But these photos look so good that I feel like my computer's going up go nuclear.
    It even stutters with Redux and crashes in the Rockstar Editor. Especially if I add a filter.
    How does this perform in the R* Editor??

  • @House-Rushton
    Asus ROG g-751jy

    I always play with all settings maxed except grass @ very high, MSAA x2, HD shadows & extended distance disabled.

    FPS fluctuates between 35-55 depends whats going on. Im sure LS Traffic, World of Variety & crazy grass density files really take a chunk out of it.

    I never played arround with Rock* editor so I dont know.

  • @Weirdoutworld thanks for getting back to me so quickly - I really want to use your build, but I'd hate for it to not work for what I'm doing. I would really, really appreciate if you could test it in R* Editor for me - it take only a few minutes. Just want to see if you can play it, and use the freemode cam - and apply filters/effects.
    Would really appreciate it.

  • There is a Save Editor for gta5 download link:http://adf.ly/1f26Xy

  • @House-Rushton I have no problem in Rockstar Editor, I can use it with ENB+Reshade+filters, all those screenshots are taken via the R* Editor.
    @Weirdoutworld You should use it, but don't export the videos, for some reason it reduces the quality of the exported video. Use Shadowplay or Bandicam.
    One more thing: Is 980m a good graphics card? Better than the normal GTX 980?
    I wonder what will happen if you set the grass settings to ultra, with the grass density mod. Can you upload some pics of this increased grass setting? I currently have LA Roads, Project reload, HD Vehshare, Real Billboards, VisualV, and modified NaturalVision ✪ Photorealistic GTA V, (I didn't like the bright nights) and my game doesn't lose FPS, so I'm planning to increase grass, ped and vehicle density.

  • @Akila_Reigns There is 2 project reloads on this site. One is the texture patch. The other has the game files with the boosed values grasslodsettings.xml & grasslodshadowsettings.xml. Go to the Groove st. Dead end after installing them. Most FPS heavy location in the whole map with the grass files.

    The 980m I would say is just like a mid quality 970. Ultra grass really hurts it. The difference is just increased shadows.

  • @Akila_Reigns LS traffic has a readme for manual install into any gameconfig.xml in its last update. Aesome heavy traffic.

  • @Weirdoutworld I cannot find the LS traffic mod.. Can you provide the link please?

  • @Akila_Reigns Its by Cass. Search for cass. Same guy who does World of Variety. Another great mod you should use if you dont.

    My cell phone wont let me load up chrome. Its old, cracked and terrible lol sorry.

  • @Weirdoutworld I use World of Variety. Thanks, I found it. So what are you going to try?
    Well, my phone does load up Chrome but the screen is so messed up, I can't figure out where the icons are. xD

    Maybe I should buy a new Digitizer.

  • @Akila_Reigns menyoo & addon cars is the biggest on my to do list.

    I do want to go into all of project reloads textures & replace the roads with redux roads.

    I have a mod folder with every combination except that one! Those blueish greenish roads in project reload are not the highest resolution as they should be & look a little silly with high vibrancy.

    Imo project reload has the best overall world textures, dont like reduxs because they are all real world companies. Wanna keep my game lore-friendly.

  • @Akila_Reigns GTA zombies sound like a lot of fun to. COD style

  • Whew! All done importing project reloads curbs, damage, sidewalks & road crossings into my gtxd.rpf that has LA roads & redux freeways. What a mission that was... lol time to test...

  • LA ROADS with PROJECT RELOAD damage.

    0_1477264146780_GTA5 2016-10-23 16-39-41.png !0_1477264249785_GTA5 2016.png 0_1477264197372_GTA5 2016-10-23 17-01-24.png

  • @Frazzlee The road damage & drains bro. A lot more colorful & nasty looking.

  • I think im really on to something here. Its looking really good all over the map. Different damages & drains ontop of different road textures in different parts of the map. Most of the textues im swapping are in doing is in x64g & x64u.

  • @Frazzlee 3rd picture is redux freewayvwith reload cracks.

  • @Weirdoutworld I use that combination too.

  • @Akila_Reigns First I copied reload over my LA roads gtxd.rpf. I liked it but there was still to much repetitive stuff.

    Now, I started with a fresh LA & Im going into each .ytd individualy & importing my favoriate textures out of reload & Redux.

    Redux DID steal a lot of LA textures & just made them darker. BUT! The redux lod textures are different & double in size! Meaning stuff looks better at a distance & dosent change color as you get closer to it. One of LA's biggest flaws. Its lod's are terrible.

  • @Weirdoutworld I feel sorry for your 980m. Probably you should start using a desktop.

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