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A lot of work payed off. WOW (huge mod compilation)

  • @Akila_Reigns hahaha! The gpu is actually performing very well. Great temps (for a sealed chassis notebook)

    My cpu is the one that takes a BEATING. It was literally cooking itself to death plating gtav. I was seeing insane temps untill I disables the turbo.

    I know i know, having an i7 with disabled turbo is stupid. But the temps went down 10-15 °C with bairly noticeable performance loss.

    My notebook is a champ. Im proud of her. She works hard & plays harder. :)

  • @Akila_Reigns little kids always running arround & traveling a lot means I cant have a desktop... maybe in a couple years.

  • @Frazzlee between work, my kids & home improvement I can only work on gtaV at night... all... night... haha.

    Would it be wrong or insulting to the authours IF I did upload a torrent of my mods folder? Im a respectable guy & I dont want to accidentally be guilty of mod theft. Ha

  • @Frazzlee I'm going to look into that for sure.

  • OMG! I cant believe I missed this! GREAT STUFF IN HERE!!! https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/visual-graphics-hd-mati36

  • @Frazzlee @LeeC2202 Do you guys know why texture toolkit is crashing everytime I try to import mati's 8k explosion_fireball_rgba into core.ypt?
    His 3k fireball imports & saves fine.

    I have nothing else running except textoolkit & let it sit untill it becomes unresponsive then crashes.

    My core.ypt is up to 27mb. XD Perhaps there is a limmit?

  • FYI

    Mati's HD visual mod officially has the BEST water textures in graphics.ytd

  • @Weirdoutworld No idea about the core.ypt problem, could be a limit. And no comment on that last post... but they won't be going into my game. ;)

    Have you tried creating a dummy file the same size to see if that would import into core.ypt?

  • Im just happy I was able to find a HD water bump, caustic & actual 4k foam. I havnt seen any before.

    Its gotta be a limmit because it saves into the stock core.ypt. Looks like 3k explosions for me. The (unfortunately) redux flipbookfire & fire sheet are too good to replace to make room.

  • @Weirdoutworld What about your star field and the moon? I use my own 4k star field, it's amazing. I would love to see a Milky Way mod too. Like the night sky from RDR 2.

  • @Akila_Reigns That would be amazing. Especially reflecting off the water. I have the "enhanced night sky" mod. Its alright. Im testing/using mati's skydome for now.

    For some reason tho, I noticed my moon is just a black spot covering the stars! I dont know what happened. I tried to raise & lower the "moon dim multiplier" value in visualsettings.dat but I cant get my moon back! lol any idieas?

  • @Weirdoutworld I had the same issue before, for some reason the moon seems to be back.

    If you like, search for a picture like this,
    alt text
    choose your favorite spot and crop the image to a square and replace the star field in skydome.ytd.

    I would love to see something like this over LS. The shot is not great but you get the idea.
    alt text

    And of course in Blaine County. Imagine this lake or whatever it is the Alamo sea.
    alt text

    All photo credits go to the people who took them.

  • @Akila_Reigns Thats awesome. Thanks for the info. I didnt know it was that easy haha. I cant wait untill there can be multipal files of each timecycle, clouds, skydome...ect. Making the game almost seasonal.

    Maybe something we will see in GtaVI XD

  • @Weirdoutworld We will have to wait a long time till the next GTA, Rockstar will be messing with RDR 2 for the next 2-3 years, who knows. I like the season change idea.

  • @Frazzlee What did you mean?

  • @Frazzlee PC version of GTA V came 2 years later after the PS3/Xbox360 release, not trying to be a dick but I'm hoping the next GTA and RDR 2 would come only for PS4 and Xbox One, (and the next gen consoles). That should save a little time for an early PC release, at least. I hope for a PC release of RDR 2, to mod it of course.

  • @Frazzlee Maybe it will give them some extra time. Anyway it's their decision. This thread keeps getting off-topic, so I'll stop here.

  • @Akila_Reigns @Frazzlee I added in some of mati's 4k effects mod textures to my fxdecals.ytd bangs, scrapes, breakable glass, petrol trail. (I added all of them previously but I got an OpenIV error when trying to save) & now im getting an infinite loading screen with only the few textures. Everythings working tho, music, picrures, spinner.
    Gah... any idieas?

  • My fxdecal.ytd is up to 57.85mb LOL I believe I've reached the limit of the fxdecal.ytd & core.ypt trying to take the best out of everybody's mods & putting them all together... :( its to bad. It would be Legendary... ha

  • Damn! OpenIV corrupted all the textures in fxdecal.ytd! They all look like t.v. fuzz! Haha I installed one at a time, saving after each one. Now all are working perfect ;) raider's, mati's & BloodV splatters & pools. I had to rebuild my decals.dat blood values to make it work... DOPE! Talk about violence diversity!

    Now, to get texture toolkit to accept mati's 8k fireball-rgba.dds

    Im a man on a mission for perfection.

  • @Akila_Reigns Yea. I like how they are smaller. They look really good with mati's breakableglass.ytd

  • @Weirdoutworld What water texture are you using?

  • @Akila_Reigns I have just been looking at the skydome texture with regards to that milky way idea... really disappointed to see how frequently the image tiles across the sky. :( It doesn't even move with the passage of time, which is really bad.

    What it needs, is the ability to add a skysphere just in front of the skydome as a Prop, that is mapped with a 1:1 UV map. If that was possible, it could be rotated under script control as time passes... and would allow a proper milky way type image to be displayed.

    I might go hunting for some mesh files for the skydome, see if I can find them.

    Edit: There is a skydome.ydd... interesting.

  • @LeeC2202 If you can, please add the milky way, I have a mod that add the milky way to Minecraft, written in java. Maybe can you do something like it?
    The clouds move across the sky, maybe change one and set to appear only in night? I don't know.

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