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A lot of work payed off. WOW (huge mod compilation)

  • @Akila_Reigns

    did you found a fix for your issue?
    try using googlesearch since most of problems have been surely discused before & gta5 is old... i had this problem long time ago and all i did is to disable pagefile on both drives... gta5 is the only game that presented that missing textures, or pop-ins how others call it, on my system
    they clearly need a new engine or a new derivative to this one, just like they did for doom4

    also i always install new drives like i was doing it for the first time... fresh (clean) install... there is always something remaining from older versions that screw with new install

  • @bur587 I have the disc version. Very slow internet. Thats why.

  • @RYAN I'll try to completely remove my drivers and install a fresh one.

  • @Weirdoutworld I think he asked me, :slight_smile:

  • @Akila_Reigns RYAN is right. Im using the latest. It seems like overkill, but use DDU to delete current driver & clean install the new one. Fixed my lag spikes but I have tex pop in bad... idk why.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Akila_Reigns lol my bad. Going thru notifications I got them confused haha

  • @Weirdoutworld Not a problem. About the texture problem, I had this even before installing L.A. roads and other textures. Now they're pretty random, but they're too noticeable. I'll remove my drivers completely and reinstall them.

  • @Frazzlee Are you talking about IV?

  • @Akila_Reigns
    texture pop-ins happen only when game has already loaded in RAM the "far model" texture and is requesting from HDD the closer textures... but there is a delay untill they are loaded done by multiple factors... the texture is too large or needs processed, uncompressed or maybe the hdd is busy, with background programs, updates, so free it!!

    page file 0 for me did the trick

  • @RYAN Page file means that Virtual memory thing, am I right? If so it's set to automatically manage. So, should I un-tick that option and manually set custom sizes, as 0 for each drive? Or should I select "No paging file" option?

  • @Akila_Reigns
    no page file option ticked, set, apply, ok, apply ok and maybe restart i do not remember...

    but you have to make sure you have enough RAM to sustain your OS, programs, background programs and the game you play cause if you reach ~100% stuff happen... bad stuff... i never reach 100% and i tried ((:

  • @RYAN Is 32 GB enough?

  • @Akila_Reigns
    hey... don't show off ! ok !?! (: ty ! ((:

    yes it is... i have 8 and is plenty for what i do !

    you never had this off ? i mean with all that ram why have the pagefile on hdd ? your hdd must of worked twofold when gaming, not just GTA5

    can you remember what values you had for pagefile ? i am just curious (:

    for example: i have just quit of gta5, i have 1301MB occupied by os, programs in the background and drivers, modified ~270, in stand-by 3190 and lowering by the minute. And the rest is Free...i know for fact that if i load again gta5 now will load faster in like 30 sec just because is faster to load files from ram and not hdd, especially if that hdd is not defragmented... i might understood wrong pagefile function but if i have it disabled i know the hdd is not used as cache after loads

    if i had an ssd maybe i would leave it... maybe... but i heard that ssds break down after an number of writes on the same sector and defrag is useless on ssds

    i hope this works for you... else you either have lots and lots of programs opened, antiviruses, maybe an scheduled update started, windows maintenance, but popins occur when hdd is not keeping up the load with what you're doing on screen... in this case loading closer-textures/models of closer objects ingame gta5

    i remember having those when i was leaving the beach, probably cause i was geting closer to the large and crowded area of the map in gta5

  • @RYAN LOL, I was not sure about that. That's why I asked. I never show off.

  • @RYAN My HDD is almost full. I should clean it up a bit. I don't want to buy another one anytime soon. Thanks again for telling this. I allowed 1GB, for memory dumps.
    As a matter of fact, I did have a scheduled update.

  • @RYAN so, the pagefile 0 option or whatever is useless on a ssd? I have 16gb ddr3 & a ssd. Experiencing tex pop-in.

  • @Weirdoutworld You should allow something like 1GB, Windows isn't really happy when I set it to 0.

  • @Weirdoutworld said in A lot of work payed off. WOW (huge mod compilation):

    @RYAN so, the pagefile 0 option or whatever is useless on a ssd? I have 16gb ddr3 & a ssd. Experiencing tex pop-in.

    "if i had an ssd maybe i would leave it...(the pagefile not disabled)... maybe... but i heard that ssds break down after an number of writes on the same sector and defrag is useless on ssds"

    i was refering to the Defrag option as "useless" on ssds... guys c'mon... more attention to what is being written, i know my english & spelling is kinda bad but pay attention to the entire context !

    you clearly did something with all that modding, "borrowing" files from different mods and merging them together that affected LOD loads...

    seems that too much 4k textures is... well... too much

    guys c'mon... more attention to what is being written

  • @Akila_Reigns
    "Windows isn't really happy" what it do ?

    "memory dumps" ? do you experience windows crashes often? cause that's what those are about... sending back to microsoft/program developer what was in ram when system crashed. Memory dumps helps software developers and admins to diagnose, identify and resolve the problem that led to application or system failure... now just imagine you having a crash and in occupied ram was 6GB (or even more) but you let only 1 GB... is that better? let's say that you let 7GB for dumps... do you know how much it would take the hdd/ssd to write the 6GB file that needs to be sent back to the developer and after it is written to actually send it? why not send it straight from ram... that's my logic...

  • @RYAN Just a warning about windows will not record when an error occurs blah blah, And by your logic, I should set it to 0, right? I'll do that.
    I still haven't turned on GTA V today.

  • @Akila_Reigns
    perhaps i should of started with sharing a pic like this:


    this is all did, and it worked since first try, to not have those large pop-ins or texture missing in gta5

    i have not set it to 0 (zero), or any other custom value, i just selected No page file, set, ok, apply, ok, apply, ok, and i think it needs a restart after, just do it when it needs it

  • @RYAN Thanks man. I'll do that.
    Hopefully it will fix the problem.

  • If you want good advice on virtual memory settings, this page is a great read. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/markrussinovich/2008/11/17/pushing-the-limits-of-windows-virtual-memory/

  • @RYAN Alright, Its just that I have NO idea what you were talking about. Didn't even know what a page file was. So come on man... I'm learning. Bear with me here & ill try to keep up.

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