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A lot of work payed off. WOW (huge mod compilation)

  • @Weirdoutworld And I thought my game looks bad.

    What the hell did you do? :confused:

  • @Frazzlee it can't be a "bug" when the "bug" is so obvious, to the human eye, and still not be fixed in ~8771 build versions of the game... they say that it's the same RAGE from gta4 but enhanced... i did not have the "box bug" in 4 and still do not have it... how can you enhance it and have something so obvious that no other game engine have. i am telling you... they have to ditch this R.A.G.E engine

    at least now when i am playing i made it so it's not that visible... as in almost at all... unless you really look for it... PCSS ftw

    just look at my posted image up top with the tree shadows... try and GUESS where the snapping occurs... you can't see it up front... you have to really have to look for it... when playing, shooting, beeing chased, shot at... trust me, your not looking for your shadow, your looking for a place too hide from the 5-0 ((:

    i mean if it is a bug... what kind of testers they have that in ~8k builds nobody seen that when as soon as you start the campaign & walking up with Franklin & Lamar, you get the car shadow slowly beeing better retexturized the closer you get to the car ?

    is that map installed instead of the gta5 map?

    i ask because i have an idea on how to add more maps on gta5 but not loose content... they should replace the north yankton map with all the other maps, from the older games so you get something extra large, eventually you will get something like this


    or even f-ing better via nordic Yankton


  • @Akila_Reigns This is what I see for a couple seconds... then it will loadup. I rebuilt my GTXD.rpf & all is back to normal now! YAY.

    @LeeC2202 LOL That's the awesome mod compilation... haha

    @RYAN No man. Its the map LOD loading-in VERY SLOWLY... It was driving me crazy but I fixed it by rebuilding some ground texture files.

  • @Weirdoutworld Something similar is happening to me, when I press the look back button, some buildings/trees/interiors aren't there, but they load instantly, still it's annoying. Do you have any idea about what should be causing it?

  • @Akila_Reigns To many HD textures loading... I'm pretty sure. I'm going to see what I can do in settings.xml & gameconfig.xml

  • @RYAN This one is my favorite0_1478448719210_maxresdefault.jpg ... My GOD what I would give to have this happen...

  • Hey guys... I just saw that I have a file called " asup.stat " In my scripts folder now. anybody have any idea what its for?

  • @Weirdoutworld
    if you are afraid it's bad, delete it before the contents of it are sent

    and since we are at "contents of main gta directory", the ScriptHookVDotNet-xxxx-xx-xx files are deletable or are they needed by scripthookv? cause i think i have 100+ of them & each day another one is made

  • @RYAN .log files are just for us to see what get loaded & what order. You CAN delete all .log files

  • DUDE! I know its old... but NIBmods jetpack v3 script is AMAZING! He coded/scripted a mission in the script mod to go to fort zancudo & steal it first!

    I have yet to try his ironman mod... maybe soon.

    Haha fucking awesome guy he is. One of my favoriate modders.

    Jedijosh BurgerShot mod is great to.

  • Well shit... The model is on the Ped I had to steal it from, but NOT on me when I equip it... 0_1478493161497_GTA5 2016-11-06 17-01-39.png 0_1478493155767_GTA5 2016-11-06 16-57-04.png 0_1478493137854_GTA5 2016-11-06 17-46-32.png 0_1478493130121_GTA5 2016-11-06 17-45-56.png

  • @Weirdoutworld said in A lot of work payed off. WOW (huge mod compilation):

    the blood textures on the hands look very blurry, they might look good from distance but damn they are blured AF0_1478493155767_GTA5 2016-11-06 16-57-04.png

  • i recommend installing the Lights Fix

    seems that R* messed with some values and made it even worse... typical R* i would say, i think they wanna release something new and that NEW has too look alot better that this Vanilla

    i recommend making backups for this one for sure... cause it might overwrite other modded settings you might of done before

    i remember when i was playing and modding gta4 with enb and icenhancers, i was saying to myself "man, R* has to see this and has too make gta5 (unreleased at the time) look at least like this"
    i was wrong... they clumped it with so much fog, cromatic aberations, blured reflections and bad lods, so much grass that it kills even good videocards, clearly faulty shadows from the gecko... but seems that none of that matter... People (like me) first want good story & campaign, and good gameplay. And then (after all that is given) multiplayer and graphics

    i am slightly afraid that with gta6 history will repeat itself, it will not have a "better look" than what i (everyone of you ) achieved with gta5 via modding, but will have a killer story( at least i hope)

  • @RYAN According to @LeeC2202 all those effects like chromatic aberations are realistic through a camera, and he has yet to see a graphics mod that makes the game more realistic than vanilla with a good calibrated monitor.

  • @Think_Tank And I still stand by that. I see endless graphics mods done by people with a different understanding of optics, atmospherics, lighting etc... and they're not my thing. But... and this is the important thing, people create what they want to create and people use what they want to use.

    I look at pictures taken with my £900 Nikon DLSR through a £1200 Nikon 80-400mm VR lens, and I can still see many of the optical quirks that a lot of people don't like... so when I see them in the game, they're consistent with what I see through my lens. Light dispersion, internal-reflection, refraction, colour divergence, defocussing, vignetting etc... are all natural consequences of light passing through multiple elements of glass inside a long black tube of metal. The more you zoom, the bigger the chance they will manifest themselves. At full extension, there is almost 30cm between the front element and the sensor with that lens... that's a long way and a lot of glass. (1.5Kg of lens and glass to be precise)

    Where monitors are concerned, our eyes get tuned to what we consider as normal. My brother doesn't like a calibrated monitor, he prefers to play with the Nvidia Vibrancy controls instead. So what happens is that when someone with non-standard settings (be it vibrancy, temperature, brightness etc...), creates something to exaggerate what they have come to know as normal, it is magnified on something that is normal. I know that the artists at Rockstar won't be using anything but normal settings, they have to do for consistency between artists.

    But the home user isn't guaranteed to have 6500K 120cd/m (or even lower cd/m values). So anything created on something different to that, will look wrong on my screen, to my eyes. That's no detriment to the creator, that's just a fact of how monitors work. A lot of people prefer something warmer, say 5800K or less but the consequences of that for someone like myself, is things go even more blue... and that's exactly what happens in all the graphics mods I try and is precisely why I don't like them.

    That's not me being elitist in any way, quite the contrary, it's simply me being normal... that's just a consequence of being a computer artist for so long.

    So just to clarify your point... those aberrations are not just realistic according to me, they are realistic according to the laws of physics.


    The subjective opinion about graphics mods... that is according to me but we all have our own eyes, so all subjective views are according to the person who made them.

  • @LeeC2202 Unfortunately, they are still present in first person. Like you said earlier, that's stupid. Wait, I thought warmer meant less blue? Well, I can't wait for GTA Realism to be updated graphically, they researched for 8 hours a day to study how los angeles really looks studying footage and stuff before using in-game files to make the game look like real life. I wonder how that will end up looking. I wonder if they'll keep the artifacts of cameras.

  • @Think_Tank Oh god... lens effects in first person... man how I hate that. Seriously the most stupid thing ever... and I'm looking at you Turn 10... bloody lens flare in 1st person camera view. :D

    And you're right, warmer does mean less blue, but that's on the creator's screen... but it means more blue when you put that onto a cooler temperature screen, because they will have added more blue to compensate for the warmer temperature.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see the end results before knowing those questions... maybe it will be a mod that I can use, who knows.

  • from the definition of it the chromatic aberration is a departure from what is usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one

    i understand it resemblence what a lens do but in fpv, really

  • @RYAN No, that's the thing, it should never appear in FPV... unfortunately, it does appear quite a lot. Sometimes the term "artistic license" gets taken a little too far. :D

  • @RYAN It could be a DOF glitch/bug or also that I'm using raiders damage decals. It could just be how they are. What's up with the lights fix? Is that for my post in the Troubleshooting section?

  • I love lens flares and god rays, looks like I'm alone. I hate chromatic aberration though.

  • @Weirdoutworld what does Lights Fix has to do with trouble shooting ? it's a fix for car headlights during daytime... it has nothing to do with shooting

    just apply it... all of you...

    @Akila_Reigns i cant say that i hate chromatic aberration... i just don't want it there... every slick, long object gets it... especially on barbwire fences... thx the modders for giving the options to remove it

    you are not alone, buddy, i like lens flares also, but only those that come from the sun, not from any very bright artificial light sources (or are those called coronas?)

    and i like bokeh also but the one that is not that intrusive to the eye, the one that does not distract you from the object you are focusing, if you know what i mean

  • @RYAN I've removed the coronas completely from GTA V. And I like bokeh too.

  • @Akila_Reigns
    i have until now removed coronas from stoplights... can you tell me how did you removed the other ones ? like the ones from lightposts !

  • @RYAN I haven't found them yet, I will let you know.
    BTW WTF is going on? I've never seen so much spamming here.
    Admins are going to be really pissed off.

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