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A lot of work payed off. WOW (huge mod compilation)

  • @Weirdoutworld LOL, 4K blood.

  • 0_1477699074415_GTA5 2016-10-28 18-32-12.png 0_1477699058247_GTA5 2016-10-28 18-32-45.png 0_1477699050641_GTA5 2016-10-28 18-31-58.png Just some quick shots... I really like how Raider & CSYON pools/splatter are looking together. :D Im going to keep working to see what else I can throw in there. I'm getting better at working the decals.dat. Raider's pools are porus_solid while CSYON's are just regular.

  • pools are to big I know... lol

  • fib agent with a mohawk ((:

  • @Weirdoutworld Have you ever used Photozoom Pro? If not and you really want to get into the big texture scene, I recommend you have a look at the trial version. It will upscale 1K textures to 4K and retain an incredible amount of detail. There's probably no other software as good at doing what it does.

    It's incredibly rewarding to mod the game with your own textures, just expect to lose lots of time doing so though. :D

    Here's a comparison section from the standard GTAV waterfoam texture upscaled to 4K through Photoshop and Photozoom.

    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 I love to buy it, but the price is a bit high. 😃

  • @Akila_Reigns Yeah, it's not so cheap... It's less than the £600 I paid for Adobe CS3 though... thankfully. :)

    If you do a lot of texture work where you need to resize textures to bigger sizes, it's worth the cost because you can waste hours looking for a good texture in the right size.

  • @LeeC2202
    £600 ? As in British Pounds ?
    do you use their Cloud ? why so much money ?
    i would share a CS6 but i do not know if i can put a link to other sites here...

  • @RYAN I have to purchase legal software as it wouldn't look good as a developer to use pirated applications. Unfortunately, Adobe products, especially their creative suite software has always been expensive over here (in the UK). It cost me that much and I had to import it from the USA to get it that cheaply. Had I bought it in the UK at the time, it would have been around £800.

    I have never been able to afford an upgrade to a later version but CS3 does everything I need, so it's not too bad. Having the tools got me the jobs and having the jobs paid for the tools... it all works out in the end.

  • @LeeC2202 I will look into that. But my whole point here is to just combine & showcase mods. Thats all. The textures in some of the fxdecals.ytd's ive used have been up to 6k. Just to see what happens. Its crazy. ha.

  • @RYAN Thats goreV. Creates a red leaf texture that resembles a nasty exit wound on headshots... I love it.

  • @Weirdoutworld Okay, sorry I thought you were looking to dig a bit deeper... I'll turn the watching off on this thread, sorry. :(

  • @LeeC2202 No man! You got me all wrong. I've been really sick with the flu past couple days & a little cranky. sorry. This thread is for people to learn how to make there game fantasy a reality. You've been a HUGE contribution to everything here & have taught me a lot. I just cant drop money on a program like that. Maybe soon.

  • @Weirdoutworld Not a problem... I seem to apologise to everyone out of habit these days... and with Cockstar winding me up :angry: , I really should just stay in the background. I'll keep my eye on what's happening in here but just won't follow every update.

    Certainly no need for you to apologise for anything.

  • @LeeC2202 I looked into photozoom a little more. Crazy cool stuff there. I hope you get in touch with Mati. I seen your comment on his mod. Great things can happen here... whew. Heavy breathing lol

  • Im LOVING Mati's HD bangs texture on top0_1478134386124_GTA5 2016-11-02 19-59-00.png of Raiders Rust Buckets dirt... The Specular on the bang is beautiful....

  • Does anybody know what is creating this "random ambient dust" floating in the air? I really like it & it seems to have gotten heavier but I don't0_1478134536213_GTA5 2016-11-02 20-31-57.png know why... O.o

  • Ive seen people talk about "distant disappearing traffic cars"... Is this normal? Only happens with high wanted levels... pics are zooming. look at freeway.0_1478135027279_GTA5 2016-11-02 20-35-06.png 0_1478135030613_GTA5 2016-11-02 20-35-08.png 0_1478135033332_GTA5 2016-11-02 20-35-09.png

  • @Weirdoutworld Some of the particle FX emitters can cause that dust effect. I've been writing a test bed for particles and there are some that create wide area effects, as opposed to the more localised ones.

    Perhaps one of the mods you have installed has modified the parameters for one of those FX to increase the density.

  • @Frazzlee Im all maxed out & that distant traffic still does that. Maybe its something to do with the dispatch.meta


  • @LeeC2202 ah! I forgot about the time cycle emitter render & drop files... I beleive I mixed Redux, project reloads, VisualV & Insane Rain files all up in my game. Im liking the result tho. couldent recreate it if I tried haha. I also always play with wind enabled.

  • @Weirdoutworld
    is that happening only when chased by police ?
    Edit:: can confirm... they just despawn when closing in...
    could it be <VehicleLodBias value="0.000000" /> ??

  • @RYAN only with a 3 star wanted level or higher... makes me think the game is running low on resources. Being taken up by the dispatch files. I will look into the vehicle LOD values. Thats visualsettings.dat right? Is there anywhere else (other vehicle file) that controls those values?

  • @RYAN perhaps the game is loading the traffic at the bottom of the building when I zoom in?! I will test in a couple different areas when I get home in a couple hours.

  • @Weirdoutworld
    how do you upload the pictures on the thread ?

    VehicleLodBias value can be found in C:\Users\Your UserName\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V and then settings.xml... but... now... i do not think is related with the police in any way...
    also if i change that value to 1 game lags like never before as soon as i move my character

    problem seems to be global and applies to peds also : zoom in as much as posible with a heavy sniper for example, kill a ped, zoom out up to max & then zoom in again... the dead ped lying in the ground is gone

    i think this is intended (i know it is not immersive but is better ) else i would make a mountain of cars and dead peds in an intersection when & if i would go in a god-mode-on rampage ingame

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