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Trainers not working.

  • I used Enhanced Native Trainer and Menyoo, I've tried simple trainer but don't really like it.
    The problem is that neither of these Trainers work, I'm on the latest Gta version (877) and latest ScripthookV and Scripthookdotnet but the trainers still do not work, dont know why this is happening so any help would be appreciated. (I have this trainers installed in the Gta directory and the 'scripts folder in the directory)

  • Forgot to add EUP is also not working (Is in scripts folder)

  • @Scub simple trainer works for me still. i think its because it got updated with the last update.

  • +1, help

  • @Scub Trainers don't go in the scripts folder, they are .asi files and they go in the main GTAV folder.

  • @yeahhmonkey Doh, for some bizarre reason my mind was thinking that EUP was ENT... sigh... I'll get back to writing my tool. :blush:

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