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Disabling unused DLCs?

  • Is there a way I can disable certain DLCs? I only care about a very limited set of vehicles and don't use the rest.

  • @Rstein I think you can just remove it from the dlclist as every new patch folder(not only patch) are included in the dlclist. If you remove a pack from the list(deleting the line), the game won’t load it.

    Worked for me, but I could be lucky.

  • Depending what came with that DLC, you may or may not be missing some peds or spawn items/props as well iirc.

  • Tbh I really wouldn't recommend disabling DLC I know you probably wanna but it could cause major instability in the game.

    I would go and edit the vehicles.meta files in each dlcpack and just removing all the cars.

    Its long and tedious I know but its better then just removing a bunch of content and fixes

  • @ConnorgGames Damn, figured as much. So it looks like i'll have to toss out all supercars and other cars I don't use from the vehicles.meta files then.

    Might do it some day if I get bored, but for now I think that barebones GTA V script will do.


    @ConnorgGames it actually causes NO issue whatsoever in normal gameplay missions as the base SP game is unaltered in what the scripts call upon etc. But you will ofc run into problems with online MP...

    I have everything past patchday4ng disabled in my game. So no new dlc cars, no new sounds, animations, casino etc etc. And... No Benny's.

    But it enables me to load 80+ custom dlcpacks with approx 2500 added Addon vehicles, planes, helicopters, bikes, 350 added peds, ymaps, Addon maps etc

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