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How to make exhaust backfire?

  • Hi guys. Faced a problem that on my mod addon there is no backfire from exhaust pipe when. Which file and which line are responsible for making the fire appear?

  • The fire depends on the sound of the machine spelled out in <audioNameHash>CARNAME</audioNameHash> in vehicles.meta file.

    I will leave a topic, suddenly someone too will encounter such a problem :)

  • Indeed it does, if you change the Ingot's audioNameHash to Fusilade or SultanRS for example, it gains backfire.

  • That's a stupid move from R*, they should use a flag that works with the backfire task in vehicles.meta instead of linking the backfire to a car name. Hope they change the way cars backfires in GTA VI as it's really annoying in V, they always does this when letting off the throttle and the effect is really looking bad as it was first made years ago, they should update it.

  • @MrQuiche Its easier to code it that way, I agree its stupid and most likely in VI they will change it but its a load simpler then having potentially hundreds or thousands of lines of code just so every vehicle has their own backfire

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