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Heavy Car Force

  • Hello.I would like to ask for a mod which i can no longer find ...It was like car force which allowed you to send cars away by simple touching them with your car..You could also raise it's force with PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN but i can't remember it's name..Can anyone helpe me ?

  • @LeoNG said in Heavy Car Force:

    car force

    When you typed "car force" on the main site search function, did it not show up in the list of results?

  • Well the first time i searched it here it didn't so i searched via google and i found it on another site...

  • @LeoNG Good to know you found it. I only asked that question because there seemed to be pages and pages of results, so I thought it might have been in there.

  • @LeeC2202 Ikr it's crazy...It just loads a whole lots of pages by always taking the first letter..

  • Yea, sometimes I have better luck just typing the mod name into google, then get linked to this site than using the search feature here... O.o lol

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