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[LSPDFR] Changing uniforms not working

  • Hello Guys,

    I downloaded lspdfr a few days ago and i wanted to put french uniforms and french vehicles because... well i'm french.

    Anyway, everything works perfectly with vehicles, i can download and put any vehicle i want in the game.

    The issue is with uniforms.

    I have been replacing files and following instructions as i have been doing for vehicles, but it does not work.

    For example, i wanted to change cops uniforms. I downloaded an uniform i like, changed the filename to s_m_y_cop01 and put in the file the readme file told me to.

    None of all the uniforms i tried worked. I can't change uniforms of others peds, and i can't change it my menu.

    I installe EUP, EULO...

    I really don't see what the issue is, i did the same thing i have been doing with vehicles but it won't work.

    Am i missing something ?

    Don't know what kind of information you would need to help me, feel free to ask. ❤️

    Thank you guys, need you to have my great experience on lspdfr

  • More then likely your not replacing the cop ped in the most updated dlcpack. The last I checked you need to replace the male cop in patchday9ng but since I haven't played the game in like 6 months now it of changed to the dlcpacks to do with the new heist so check there


    add them to your most recent patchday which iirc is patchday22ng

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