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Mod that allows this (it's ridiculous)

  • So, this dude has some secret kind of a mod which enables him to record and EDIT GTA V CUTSCENES IN ROCKSTAR EDITOR! Here's the link to the video -

    Can someone tell me, which mod is he using that enables him to record and edit the cutscenes? He's keeping it a secret like an a-hole and doesn't want to tell anyone how he does it. He did the exact thing with the Prologue mission 4 months ago and he's still the only person to do it. How is that possible? I'd like someone to explain to me how he does it and which mod he's using?

  • @BrianThompson you are right, it seems he is the only person that know how to do that. I spend almost whole week trying anything and didn't find the way how to do that. Script which allow you stop time and move on map to take screenshot is not working during cutscenes, No restriction limits in editor script doesn't help also which is one of 'only' scripts which he use to make it as he wrote in his descriptions. I tryed replay cutscene using trainer without starting mission, no luck. I don't even remember what else I was trying but it's still secret for me :thinking: :disappointed:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Exactly. I tried everything you've mentioned also. Plus, I've tried the Menyoo free cam, I've even tried some independent small mods from this site which are supposed to have something to do with the cutscenes, but nothing works at all.

  • @BrianThompson yep some free cam tools, ScriptCamTool, ExtendedCameraSettings I started trying even mods which can relate with cutscene just on 10-20% and still didn't find anything lmao :grin: and about duggy I was writing him on facebook and email once he uploaded that prologue and told him about my plan to make all missions in cinematic using my real pack, but he didn't response to any of that, he just continue messing up my plans smh :disappointed_relieved:

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