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Rockstar Launcher Bypass Help Please!

  • I have 2 GTA V folders, one I use for my Main Game, and online and all that, the 2nd is for my Moded Game so I have 2 copies so that it doesn't interfere with my online stuff. The problem i'm having is when I try to run the game from the modded folder, the rockstar launcher is launching my Steam folder GTAV not my modded game. When I launch the game, it'll immediately close the game, launches the new rockstar launcher, and then loads my steam folder game.

    I've tried to use a couple rockstar launcher bypass mods, but they either don't work at all and do the same thing, or it'll actually launch, and then ask me to login and it wont let me, it'll come up with I haven't logged into this computer before error.

    If anyone can help me I would REALLY appreciate it... After modding this game for a few years now I took break from summer last year to now, and just frustrating it not longer launchers for me. Thanks for any help!

  • As far as I know there isn't any launcher bypass anymore because of the code of the new r* launcher. I could be wrong though

  • Thanks for the reply, Does this basically mean that because of the new R* launcher, we can no longer have multiple copies now? I know a few people used to have more then 1 GTAV folder, but not really seeing that now?

  • You can still have multiple copies of the game. I used to do that when I was actively playing gta and the new launcher came out.

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