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[WTB] BMW F30 unlocked Model

  • Hey guys, im looking for a BMW F30 which is already converted and playable in GTAV.
    The main problem is. I want an F30 that i can open in ZMod3.
    Because i have modeled some parts for the F30 like M-Sports bumpers.

    No one will share his F30 with me. Now im ready to pay someone who will give me his unlocked F30.

    I will just use is for personale use, i will also figure out how to make Tuning Parts ingame.

    I have tried to convert myself a whole F30. But i fail at spawning.

    So i want a finished Mod.

    I really hope someone will sell me a finished F30 :)

  • Push
    No one who will sell me his Convert?

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