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Getting 'Out of Game Memory Errors' again....

  • Hey all, since November I finally was able to change my gameconfig and use 'packfile' and 'heap adjuster' to put a stop to those annoying memory error crashes. Since the Casino Heist update, I'm getting them again. I've tested using 'less and more' vehicles with the config so PF and HA can do their thing. I found putting '2x traffic' put a stop to the memory errors, after the Heist3 update. But now they're back. I can tell when a memory crash is coming 'cause my framerate will start dropping and even when I'm at 60+fps, it will still stutter between frames. I don't want to go higher than 2x traffic 'cause the AI are barely holding their $#!% together as is!

    So, is there an adjustment for the numbers in Packfile and Heap Adjuster that need to be tweaked? Do I need to get another gamconfig? I've got plenty of space on the game drive and GTAV uses a bit more than half base RAM and and GPU memory. Of course when I shut down, it all clears up. However, if I want to record or play for more than two hours things start getting dicey. Kind of a pain having to restart in the middle of a map build or setting up a scenario. Any usable input is greatly appreciated!

  • You should probably try going back to base game numbers for peds and traffic to begin with my guy. Also because of the new update some scripts might not be functioning correctly or a vehicle mod(s) you have installed are no longer working and are just eating up game memory.... You should try to see if you remove some scripts or some vehicle mods you don't use anymore to see if it helps..

    Aside from that you should probably check that you did put your gameconfig in common -> data and not in common.rpf (I don't think the game will run if you do that but I can't remember)

    Also check to see if you still actually have the .asi files for the heap and packfile mods.

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