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Turn on lights during daytime?

  • New around here, is there any way to turn on lights (streetlights, other light sources etc) during the daytime? I would like to brighten up a dark area. The area already has lights, but they only turn on during the nighttime, and I need the daytime. Is there a mod for that, or is there a file that I could edit? Any help would be much appreciated!

  • @Clockwork
    Try messing with these settings in 'visualsettings.dat':

    # Emissive night values
    emissive.night.start.time		20
    emissive.night.end.time			20

    I haven't tested this but I'm guessing setting them to the same value (any 0>23 value) should keep them on 24/7 (I only sound doubtful because it's Rockstar we're dealing with. 99% sure it will work with a 1% chance of the Universe ending :slight_smile:).

    There will probably be a performance decrease in daytime though, when the sun is shining, as you will have certain lights creating their own shadows as well as the shadows already created by the Sun, which is bound to steal frames. Try it out & see what you get though, easy to revert if it's too much for your rig or you can't drop your graphical settings to compensate etc.

    Ymap Editing:
    Ideally, if it's just a small area you want lit in the daytime, the best way would be to find just those lights in their respective '.ymap' files (use Codewalker to find what '.ymap' they reside in & then use their co-ordinates to track down individual lights in the file) & edit their flags/type so they stay on 24/7 (not sure about the specifics of that but I would have thought it should be possible somehow).
    If you find default vanilla lights in the game that stay on 24/7 & examine their '.ymap' entries it may give you a few clues. :thumbsup:

    Map Editor/Creating New Light Props:
    Along the same lines, but probably a lot easier than sussing out '.ymap' flags, would be to use Map Editor or such like to place extra 24/7 light props in the area. By working through the props list while it's daytime you should be able to find at least some lights that are always on.

    A handy tip is if you find a light that stays on 24/7, but it isn't bright enough for your needs, you can duplicate it in-place again & again to double/triple/quadruple etc the brightness. It will just look like one light in-game as the multiple lights will inhabit the exact same space/co-ordinates but it will get brighter each time it is duplicated.

    That's about the limit of my guesswork on the subject but hopefully it gives you something to work with.
    Best of luck :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Holy, thank you very much! I looked around 'visualsettings.dat' yesterday, but somehow missed what you pointed out. I just started looking into CodeWalker today. Your '.ymap' idea is really cool, I'll check that out aswell. I looked around only for a bit, was able to find some lights that stay on 24/7 but wasn't able to do anything with those yet. I did try out the duplication idea, but it looked a little off for me, so I decided to look if there are other alternatives. Again, thank you very much, if I remember, i'll try to update my post on what ended up working for me the best!

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