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Hey guys... (redux crash)

  • So...ive installed redux mod...and its great but i have one problme..when i change the grahpics...like ive put texture quailty on very high when ive reloading...just crash...why?

  • hey, you should use a lower one, and maybe it has something to do with the updatet gameonfig of your game because of the las gta 5 update.

    the gameconfig make many problems, you can read about it, in other threads or in the comments of the scripthook, and if you wanna try it out, i want to send you the link of my old thread were i posted it.

    but before you do that, you should make an back up, of your original config, because it dosent work for everyone.
    sorry for my gramma im from germany and my english is not as good as it should be :D

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