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LA Roads Mod...

  • I hate when modders upload their mods to another websites. I have to download LA Roads from Mega.nz and it has download limit. Limit is 2GB and mod is 2.12GB. What a joke. What should I do now?

  • @A-12T99 register there for free... I have no problem with downloading packs like that so limit could be just for nonregistered I think. Every big pack is uploaded on Mega anyway. Imagine how slow would be this page if people would upload tons of packs like that on their server, or how expensive would be the server fee...


    No the reason larger mods need to be hosted on other websites is the 400MB restriction on our server. It has nothing to do with speed.

  • That's really painful but there is nothing to do. Gash, I downloaded it finally.

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