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Can Menyoo spawn "girlfriend" ped or what mod does?

  • Recently, I've been trying to find a mod that can spawn a girlfriend and create a custom character for my player. My question is can Menyoo help you create your own character as well as let you create your own girlfriend that you can do romantic things with? I've tried the Custom Peds menu mod, but it won't load in the game due to being outdated. If Menyoo doesn't give you the option of creating your own custom girlfriend in addition to creating your own playable character, what mod does? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • I have messed with it. Ultimatly you can get female models to do the sexual acts in the car, but thats about it. There is a warning in the menu that saids it can't save. So through animations you can do things, but honestly it's not worth the hassle.

  • @EternalHunger44 So would you say another trainer mod would be better?

  • @Sonicfx07 There was a custom ped mod, but it doesnt work, even if you followed the modder's instructions. So far I havent personally found anyone that has or wanted to make a solid girlfriend mod.

  • Try this mod "Custom Peds -[Single Player] V3.2.0.0", it works like a girlfriend and this "skin control 2.1" to make your character.

    It's an interesting idea to make a girlfriend mod, someday if I have free time, maybe I can do it

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