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Persistent interiors with Menyoo. How?

  • Hello dear and great people.

    I like to play with different MP characters that I generate and edit with Menyoo, and I have discovered the interior mods and multiplayer maps.

    The problem is that they are not all, for example if I want more than one office, of the 4 there are, I only have one.

    I have discovered that with menyoo I can generate them and access them, even through markers, create their input and output and it is very useful.

    But my question is this: How do I get this permanently saved?

    When I start the game again, those interiors no longer exist and if I use the entry / exit markers, I fall into a space xD.

    The same with the yachts, I generate them and it's fun, but then they disappear and I have to rebuild them.

    Does anyone know a way to save these things that we generate with Menyoo?

    Thanks and sorry for my english! :(

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