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I made a DDS batch converter script for Photoshop--where do I share it?

  • I'm a VFX guy and I like doing everything custom--so I've been making my textures in Substance Painter and I needed a way to batch convert maps to .dds files. I made a little script in Photoshop that does exactly that--it interfaces with the NVIDIA plugin and converts every file in a user-selected folder to a .dds with default settings (which can be changed from within the script). If I wanted to share this plugin with the community, where would I put it? The plugins section, even though it's technically a plugin for Photoshop? Doesn't seem like it belongs in tools, either.

    Thanks for the help!

  • I think you'd get away with putting it in the tools category you just gotta put in the description how it can help people who make textures.

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