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Paramotor and Parasail

  • Since the game has parachutes, why is there nothing available as far as a paramotor (parachute with motorized pusher prop strapped on one's back) and/or parasail (parachute tethered to a boat)?

    I would think this would be nice to zoom around the mountains and valleys nice and slow without constantly losing altitude, as well as off the beaches, would be nice to see npc's doing it too.
    The parasail could use the same ropes as the helicopters have to drop troops, or whatever the tether mechanic is that has been used to mimic Just Cause. But one would have to make it so you can control the boat instead of the parachute since they're not usually controlled independently, and would be hard to do so anyway.


    SkylineGTRFreak did do a fantastic Air Creation 582SL Motorglider

    but +1 for an earlier styled ULM Trike

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ReNNie Yes I came across that day before yesterday and i remember flying it in fsx.
    Speaking of which, is there no opening in gta for a basic hang glider or wingsuits for that matter?

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