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[VEHICLE] Viper Series Mod for GTA 5

  • Hi,
    is anybody interested in creating a Viper Series Mod for GTA 5?
    Some years before, i helped creating the Viper mod for GTA San Andreas and at the end, we had nearly all features from the series in the mod. Here's an ability test video of the mod i made this time:

    I think, it would be really cool to have a Viper Mod for gta 5 aswell. The viper Defender is just a very cool alternative to KITT, especially with Offroad- and the Hovercraft Mode.

    Added a little slideshow for the people who don't know the show (any more):

    Unfortunately i don't have much time at the moment, but i could help out with sounds, screenshots and scripting a bit.

    What do you think?

  • @Augur89 cool thats an awesomely extensive mod, i did want to convert this when i saw the model a while back as I watched about half the show, but didnt end up doing it :/ got to many other projects going, never realized there was an IV model either

  • @Augur89 go for it develop the car

  • yea, it would definately be really cool, if you could finish your Defender model. But i know it takes a lot of time, so i'll try to contact the original Viper Modding team and see if there is still somebody around interested in bringing the mod to GTA 5. Maybe Tobie, the modeler of our Defender Model can convert or extract his model for gta 5. Would be the best option i think.

  • well, it seems that there's nobody still active in the old modding forum.

  • @Augur89 that's a shame :/ I know the model I previously found will be extreme low quality :(

  • we have thousands of vehicle downloads now, but nobody is doing a Viper Defender. why? any idea, what we can do to reach a modeler?

  • https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search.html?q=viper+defender&backendClass=entity

    download open sketchup convert 3ds open3dsmax export obj open zmodeller nodoor no engine no suspansion complete glass bad mod..

    download open sketchup edit model sellect view style x-ray mode select door sellect windows sellect lines add layer :) HARDDDDDDD HARDDDDDDDDDDD

    convert 3ds open3dsmax export obj open zmodeller create car..I'm bored.

  • @Augur89 Is in my mod list to do and another TV series vehicles. Also I'll to include script with behaviours, weapons, vehicle realtime transformation (more realistic than the movie with micro animated hexagons) and AI vehicle support. The bad thing is not a near project for me.

  • @Rarefacer Hi, nice to read about this plan. Do you have a rough timing on when you plan it?

  • @Augur89 IDK, I've been busy this months but this mod still in my ToDo mod list.

  • @Rarefacer nice to read that. i'm really looking forward to that. At the moment, i'm working on a quality improvement of the video quality from the Viper DVD version. It's a hard and very slow progress, but i'm half done with the first season now and can't wait to have the Viper Defender in gta 5.

  • Nice! Probably been asked a few times but is it possible to download the Viper Defender as a mesh or file that could be 3D printed?

  • At the moment, there is no Viper Defender model accessable for public as far as i know.
    Let's hope, that this changes in the near future

  • I just made a video of the old Viper mod in gta Sanandreas. Maybe it helps motivating somebody to create a model for gta 5:

  • Hi. I've sent you a PM regarding this request.

  • Good news. the Viper mod for GTA 5 is on the way. To celibrate this i just rewatched the series (well i'm not through yet) and made another slideshow:

  • What's up guys... Total newb here, first post, actually.

    I know I helped at least one of the members (don't remember if it was 5dmc1 or not) of the original Viper Mod Team back in the day. I had sent a limited number of high-def effects clips and mp3's of the score. I never actually installed the Viper Mod, but always wanted to do it. Never had a copy of GTA:SA for PC...

    Anyways, I'm here to help. I'm the webmaster of Project Viper, since it's inception in '97, so I have a good bit of media that may be useful for this project. I was also Joe Nipote's webmaster from '99-'12 where I gained access to lots of material (pretty much all of which has since been uploaded to YouTube). Plus, Jay Ferguson sent me a double disc of '96-'99 soundtrack files about 15 years ago, some of which I sent to the original mod team. Unfortunately, some of those tracks skip and I haven't been able to re-rip those tracks from the old cd's successfully yet. Most of them are good to go, though. I also have a bunch of the sound effects (weapons, buttons, computer, Viper engine idle/revving, Viper tire squeals and Probe hovering/maneuvering) used mostly in seasons 2-4. Unfortunately, there were no full "morph" sounds in these files (at least from Paramount). I believe there were partial bits that make up the morph, but not sure if there is enough to make the full morph sounds in high-def.

    I am willing to help in whatever capacity I can. Please reach out to me via PM or email and let me know.

    On a side note, I've always wanted a good, useable 3D model of the Defender to use for my website, but every one I found just wasn't quite rightly proportioned, in my opinion. (Some were WAY outta whack! No offense to the modellers...) ErikF made a pretty respectable one, but his files were sacred (I wouldn't blame him) and then there's the one (or more) who modeled the original Viper Mod Team Defender that evolved over time and looks pretty bang on! Where can I find that one? I can give attribution on my website, of course.

    On an additional side note, there is a YouTuber, Yellow Elephant, who had some pretty nice videos of a private mod with the morph featured in different states, a pulsar supercharger simulator and a pretty nicely scaled Probe! I don't remember seeing those on the TMCC 2.0 videos. It's very impressive stuff. I hope I don't ask too many questions getting this upcoming mod installed on my laptop. After I buy GTA 5, of course.


    PS: SUPER excited that the DVD is launching in just over a couple weeks! It's about time, too!

    PPS: http://www.projectviper.com/#!/contest ;)
    (sorry if external links are not acceptable)

  • Hi, sry for my late response. Nice to hear from you. I was in the old modding team as well but most members aren't modding any more. Samr for Tobie, who created the old viper model we used in gta sanandreas. However we got permission to convert his model.

    But i would prefer a new HD model and i got someone to create a new HD Viper Defender model for us.

    I got some viper morph sounds and edited them a bit, so we should be able to use them for the transformation animations.

  • Augur89 it's me Antikipkay on youtube. It's so refreshing to see so many people interested in NBCViper like me. The viper is still deep within my heart as I always wished I could be the driver and still do. It was a really good underrated show. I still listen to the theme music to this day. To make this model a reality I will cover a good portion of the expenses.

  • ok, so please everyone who is interested in helping to develop this mod, pls let us know.

    @vipertv and @PCForever i invited you both to a chatgroup

  • @Augur89 Roger that.

  • We're looking again for someone to create a new Viper Defender model for gta 5 or convert the old one by Tobie we used in GTA SanAndreas to GTA 5. Here you can find the old Defender models: https://uploadfiles.io/d5km2

    For a new HD model, we would pay 60 $.
    If you think, you can get the old Defender model into gta 5 in good quality, just let us know your price offer.

    If someone is interested in doing the scripting, you're welcome as well. Basically the same functions like in the old mod, see videos above, are planned. We just need a model first.

  • @Augur89
    Hi. Can You reupload it or upload to another site? It's not possible to download for free user :P
    I was trying to do this modification some time ago, but it was not possible with model taked from GTA mod because of polygons crashed during converting to ordinary 3d model. It will be better to do a new HD model based on dimensions from old "done" model. I working in SolidWorks now so I can try to do it

  • hey, sry for the delay. i did not expect an answer anymore.
    you are right, the service isn't free anymore. the problem is, that i don't have the files on this computer. i could reupload them next week when i'm back at home.

    Anyway if you could imagine doing a new HD model for gta 5, it would be great.
    Do you need the old models for the new one?

    Here i've got listed some Defender model pictures in the meanwhile:

    And my list of interior screenshots:

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