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Street Light Issue with Visual Mods

  • Okay so for quite a while, I've had this really stupid bug during the night where the street lights disappear when I get close to them. This happens everywhere. Take a look

    This only happens when I use a visual mod like NVR, VisualV, Quant etc.
    When I uninstall the mods, the bug doesn't happen anymore. Any guess on what might be the problem?

  • @Stellasin
    Covering all the bases here & including details for anyone else in the future that may have the same issue. Ignore the stuff you know already. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    If the issue is repeatable by installing & uninstalling both VisualV & NVR (separately), that's a good sign it's fixable :thumbsup:

    I've compared the files in the main '.oiv' installers (no optionals used) for VisualV 1.0.490 (released December 16, 2019) & the NaturalVision Outdated Version (released October 24, 2018) & these are the files that are common to both:

    Files in both VisualV & NVR:

    • All 20 files in the timecycle folder (w_blizzard through to w_xmas, timecycle_mods_1 through 4 & underwater_deep. 20 files total)
    • cloudkeyframes.xml
    • clouds.xml
    • graphics.ytd
    • hbaosettings.xml
    • lensflare_f.xml, lensflare_m.xml & lensflare_t.xml
    • skydome.ytd
    • time.xml
    • v_clouds.rpf
    • visualsettings.dat
    • watertune.xml
    • weather.xml

    Logic suggests that part of the problem at least lies in one of them. The issue doesn't happen for others who have installed VisualV or NVR so there is another variable/conflict in your game unaccounted for, but as your game functions perfectly fine without Visual/NVR it ain't vital to solve that part (maybe a script or combination of scripts. Remove 'scripts' folder temporarily to test if required).

    Diagnostic Procedure:
    I would grab a copy of VisualV (as it's simpler than NVR) & work through the file list above installing one (or a few files) at a time manually until (hopefully) the issue occurs & you can pinpoint a culprit.

    Note: You can extract '.oiv' installers to gain access to the files singularly using 7zip. Once 7zip is installed just right-click the '.oiv' & select '7zip' > 'Extract to "Name-of-oiv-here" & then navigate through the folder structure that appears to find the files :thumbsup:
    Use 'assembly.xml' or OpenIV's Search (Ctrl+F3) to pinpoint install file locations.

    If you find the offending file/s you can make backup of your originals & install it/them after installing VisualV/NVR to (hopefully) fix the issue or then dig into that/those file/s in detail & find out exactly what variable/value is causing it.
    It's a bit of a pain in the hoop but you'll get it done in a few hours easy. I'd probably start with 'visualsettings.dat' & then go alphabetical, so you don't lose track of where you are or miss out a file etc. Creating a 'progress.txt' etc file to keep track of the files you tested or things you discover is a good idea too :thumbsup:

    Give us a shout if you have any issues or you figure out what it was related to. Best of luck bud :thumbsup:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Stellasin
    Cool bud :thumbsup:, I'm interested to know what might be causing this?!
    The only time I've seen anything like this is when a prop has been removed from the game but all the LODs have been left intact, but VisualV & NVR shouldn't cause that?!

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