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How to combine two models into one/set bones to it/edit texture to new model in 3ds max?

  • I keep getting that warning

    [1 warnings]
    1 times: Model "lowr_010_r/lowr_010_r" has got more than one root bone.
    All of them will be grouped into a new one with default parameters and unique ID.
    If you want to tweak these parameters, consider creating the root bone by yourself, and attaching your model bones to it.

  • First model had their own bones. So i deleted all bones from second model. But i am still getting that bones warning. IDK why. Please, help

  • Well, i found solution to one of my problems with 3ds max.
    I leave it here, so i hope that will help somebody too :)

    How to properly import a ped model in 3D MAX (if the model after import is missing bone names, or skinning applied wrong)?
    For an example, the model's name is "ig_beverly.ydd".

    Export it to the openFormats(press RMB and select "Save content").

    Find the game .YFT file (it's often the same name and location, like "ig_beverly.yft"), and export its skeleton to the same folder as the model(press RMB and select "Export skeleton to openFormats").

    Go to that folder, find "ig_beverly.skel" file, and add " FULL"(without quotes, and mind the whitespace here) to the name of it, so the full file name would be like "ig_beverly FULL.skel".

    Now you can import "ig_beverly.odd" file from that folder, and it will load proper skeleton and skinning.

    The same scheme applies to .YDR files.

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