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MS dot NET Framework64 clr.dll crash fix?

  • Faulting application path: D:\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\clr.dll

    This is the error message Event Viewer has consistently notified me everytime GTA V crashes. I can barely get 2 hours in building maps and god forbid any interaction with police or peds it'll crash in a matter of minutes! I've pulled out problem mods, changed the config and tweaked game settings to get it to settle down with no effect. I've got some extra MLO maps in but this was happening before I added them. I do have a few 'older' scripts on, but they've worked just fine through the last 4 updates. Last time this happened, I updated ScripthookVdotnet to the latest version and the problem stopped. Unfortunately, that hasn't been updated since late last year. I've dug around online and haven't seen a focused fix for PC non-steam. Anybody out there got a handle on this?

  • @iammistahwolf
    I'm not sure myself but I found a few people online who said the instructions in this vid

    can sometimes fix .NET Framework clr.dll crashes. Certainly worth trying out (I apologise for the music, the person doesn't speak so you can safely mute it, if you don't like it).
    Hope it works :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th, Hey thanks. I'd forgotten about this. I set up my laptop with this method a while back when trying to fix 'Memalloc errors'. Once I was able to change configs through OIV and use heap/packfile adjust it was fixed. So I took one of the MLO's out (I had 4) and ran the game and it was okay. Still though the game's using a crapload of RAM. I've had the VRAM at 17135 but that looks to be below the current recommended amount. I'll crank it up to that level and see what happens.

    a63nt-5m1th, I used the VRAM method you put up and it was what I'd done a while back and forgot. I cranked it to just above the recommended amount and it crashed anyway with the same error message. Now, I dug around and fount the MS Dot Net Framework 'Repair Tool' at the MS support page. Installed it and then ran a repair. The game worked, though it was still strugglling with memoryand the video was jitteryby dropping from max 63 fps to low as 27. However, after nearly 4 hours of play, the game didn't crash (though you could tell it really wanted to!) I'll run the game a few more times to make certain the repair held. I believe the main culprit of this story is 'Natural Realism' mod causing some issues.

  • @iammistahwolf
    Cheers for letting us know what you've tried (in case someone else has a similar problem).
    Fingers crossed :fingers_crossed: your fix hold out :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th and anyone else, So after a couple days here's the thing. Most likely my main issue is 'Natural Realism Gameplay' seems to be a major memory hog. Don't quote me as I have yet to remove it and play. But, I noticed a lot of memory usage after it was put in. Also, if you have MLO or Menyoo/Map Editor Maps in game those are serious memory hogs as well. Not sure about 'modded ymaps' as I don't have any in yet. The suspected problem comes down to when your system starts eating into your RAM. Though I use VRAM to augment base RAM, stil when the game hits half of all RAM or goes over that, goofy stuff starts happening. The 'fix' if your system crashes and you get the 'NetFramework.Net clr.dir error' is to use Microsoft's 'Dot Net Repair tool' after the crash. Follow the instructions after download/Install and when it says it's completed the repair, it will ask if you'd like to let it continue running. Let it continue to run and start up GTAV. With this I've been able to run 3-4hours at or slightly above 3/4 Total RAM usage without crashing. If you have an intensive mod, or get a crapload of cops and helicopters on you, there will be major framerate droppage. I usually roll at Max 63-64fps. At the worst it's been low as 27! Usually, the game would crash way before then. Now, I don't know if this will work if you don't have 'Heap and Packfile Adjustment' on your system. However, I don't recommend running at such high RAM unless you're trying to finish a recording session. If you get through a run without it crashing, it should run just fine without the repair tool running. Be advised though, it can crash again for the same reason. Just use the repair tool again.

  • ADDENDUM: Looked up some old forum posts about the memory issue. I'm sure most of you know GTAV is a major memory hog! However, the things I mentioned in the previous post add to the issue. So I ran across a discussion concerning 'Settings with the GPU Memory' and letting the Video Card do a lot of the heavy lifting memory wise. So I tweaked my settings for my NVIDIA based graphics card as it will allow you to add GTAV settings and save them. Took some constant trial and error then some serious tweaking, but I seem to have found a balance. I can't give a 'blanket here's what to do' because everyone's system is different. What I can say though is 'MSAA' is where a good portion of GPU memory is going along with 'Frame Scaling'. You have to leave MSAA 'on' or you'll get weird 'striping' on your characters when in the shade or shadowed. It's really noticable, but if you're not recording you might can live with it. 'Frame Scaling' is also a must, but it sucks memory big time. Depending on your graphics card, you'll have to get to a place you can 'live with it' if you don't have gobs of Graphics Memory. If you're running at 1080p with around 2GB of VRAM, you want to try and keep the total memory usage around the '1300' range. Anything higher looks 'better', but you're not going to have much memory left and your system is going to crash. Even with that in mind, you'll still have to adjust your system to your need/preference. I haven't streamed yet, so I can't make any suggestions in that area. But if you want to cut down on the number of NetFramework errors, first line of defense is allocating VRAM, RAM to where your system can manage it. Adding mods will complicate that and you'll need to adust for your system and tweak it as you add/remove mods.

  • @iammistahwolf
    Just wanted to add:
    On the issue of the in-game Frame Scaling setting, don't use it (unless you absolutely have to for some reason).
    Get into Nvidia Contol Panel & use DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) instead :thumbsup:

    NCP > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings > DSR - Factors (tick what resolutions you want to appear in-game)

    NCP > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings > DSR - Smoothness = 0% (it's just a blur effect & resource hog for no real graphical benefit)

    If using Anti-Aliasing always turn nvidia's MFAA ON too:

    NCP > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Grand Theft Auto V (gta5.exe) > Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) = On

  • I seem to be having the same issues with the .Net framework. I really really wish there was something I could say or find that would help with this.
    I've had GTA V for several months now and had a heavily modded but STABLE GTA. Then my Comp boot sector got corrupted and had to re-install Windows.

    I can predictably and consistently create a crash by going to the Lacey Jones Mission area and starting to either drive by are sometimes I'll actually get to talk to her before the crash occurs.

    I have a fresh Win 10 install now and decided to re-install GTA V as well but the last week it seems I have been getting more crashes/freezes than I ever have. EVER.

    Check Event Viewer and:
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\clr.dll

    Win 10 automatically has .NET Framework 4.8 (latest)
    The .NET repair tool apparently re-registers but has not helped with this issue.
    i don't have a huge amount of mods but I had them all installed as they were before the boot sector corruption and never had a problem.
    IF I take out the SHV.Net files then things work but many of the mods are inactivated since they rely on the SHV.Net files.

    I don't understand as much about the memory issue (if I have one?) since I had all the same mods installed before and didn't have to affect the VRAM one iota.
    I have the Packlimit adjuster and Heapfile adjuster already installed
    I have tried dif gameconfig.xml (5) and all seem to not matter in regards to the crashing.

    I have 32GB of RAM so then if I do adjust the Pagefile VR then what amount is best? @iammistahwolf is there ANY thing else that you can point to that may be a fix.

    I am desperate.

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  • @Zeta09 I have the same problem, no clue how to fix it. Have you had any fixes?

  • @Zeta09 , Sorry about the long response this didn't pop up in my notifications. Did you ever find a fix? Far as adjusting VRAM, I've got 16GB of RAM and a fair amount of space on my game drive. Far as adjusting the Pagefile VR, I initially doubled the recommended amount, then later quadrupled it. That's been working out so far. Thing is, what's your game drive? Is it an SSD or an oldschool Disk Drive? Unless something's changed, it's not recommended to use an SSD to up the Pagefile VR. But if you're running oldschool, I'd try doubling the recommended amount first and see if that helps. Increase until you see the system stabilize. Now, that won't stop a NET Framework crash, but it will beef up RAM to stave one off. In the meantime, are you using 'Heap Adjuster' and 'Packfile Limit Adjuster?' Those help quite a bit. Oh, and yes the 'repair tool' does 'reregister' NET Framework, but did you also run the 'repair' and leave it running while restarting your game? Every time I've done that, the game restabilizes. Over time, I upload something or don't clean out my 'temp' file folders and it all goes to crap again. Oh and one last thing, how 'hot' is your system getting? Fastest way to crash the game while playing, is letting your rig get too hot!

    a63nt-5m1th , Yeah my rig doesn't have 'DSR'. Thanks for the other tips though.

  • The variant of the clr.dll that you are utilizing may contrast the new form so it couldn't work. That implies that it's improbable that you need to establish identification with your concern. When all is said in done, it's hard to tell what the issue is in any case on the grounds that there's insufficient data accessible. It very well may be a runtime bug however it could likewise be a bug in your application. I recommend fixing clr.dll reestablish the record or perform framework reestablish.

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