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Vehicle Handling Meta issues

  • Hey everyone,

    I have a possible stupid question. I am attempting to change the handling on a vehicle in game. This is a addon vehicle that works fine with a default handling name. ie BULLET. I took the handling script for BULLET and put it in to a new file. I changed the name from BULLET to HELLCAT. I changed the name in the vehicle meta file aswell to HELLCAT for the vehicle in question. When i try to load that vehicle with the HELLCAT Handling file which is the BULLET handling line without all the other vehicles in it the game crashes. Can anyone tell me why?

  • ctrl-f every file in your addon that contains BULLET and change it to HELLCAT?

  • The handling file only has one spot to name hellcat along with the vehicle meta file only has one spot aswell.

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <Item type="CHandlingData">
    <fMass value="1550.000000" />
    <fInitialDragCoeff value="1.790000" />
    <fDownforceModifier value="2.190000" />
    <fPercentSubmerged value="74.000000" />
    <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="-0.136000" z="0.001200" />
    <vecInertiaMultiplier x="1.160000" y="1.030000" z="2.020000" />
    <fDriveBiasFront value="0.000000" />
    <nInitialDriveGears value="6" />
    <fInitialDriveForce value="0.507000" />
    <fDriveInertia value="0.940000" />
    <fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift value="7.500000" />
    <fClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift value="6.000000" />
    <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="221.000000" />
    <fBrakeForce value="0.351000" />
    <fBrakeBiasFront value="0.486910" />
    <fHandBrakeForce value="0.800000" />
    <fSteeringLock value="33.990000" />
    <fTractionCurveMax value="1.514000" />
    <fTractionCurveMin value="1.203000" />
    <fTractionCurveLateral value="16.250000" />
    <fTractionSpringDeltaMax value="0.128000" />
    <fLowSpeedTractionLossMult value="0.180000" />
    <fCamberStiffnesss value="0.000000" />
    <fTractionBiasFront value="0.481500" />
    <fTractionLossMult value="1.370000" />
    <fSuspensionForce value="3.420000" />
    <fSuspensionCompDamp value="1.280000" />
    <fSuspensionReboundDamp value="0.490000" />
    <fSuspensionUpperLimit value="0.075700" />
    <fSuspensionLowerLimit value="-0.121000" />
    <fSuspensionRaise value="0.014300" />
    <fSuspensionBiasFront value="0.455000" />
    <fAntiRollBarForce value="0.000000" />
    <fAntiRollBarBiasFront value="0.600000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0.423000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0.414000" />
    <fCollisionDamageMult value="0.700000" />
    <fWeaponDamageMult value="0.700000" />
    <fDeformationDamageMult value="0.700000" />
    <fEngineDamageMult value="1.500000" />
    <fPetrolTankVolume value="65.000000" />
    <fOilVolume value="5.000000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistX value="0.000000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistY value="-0.150000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistZ value="0.050000" />
    <nMonetaryValue value="300000" />
    <Item type="NULL" />
    <Item type="NULL" />
    <Item type="NULL" />

  • @Xatamaur Try putting that car which you changed the vehicle.meta name to HELLCAT back to its original name? If it still persists its probably GTA just not being nice and refusing to accept the HELLCAT handling code..

  • I think we may have found the issue. It was the Resource.lua not calling the handling file. So the game when it was named HELLCAT isnt in the stock handling so it was crashing the car for not having a handling script. I changed the arrangement of the Resource.lua file so that the handling.meta was the first to call and it seems to be working now. Thanks for all the ideas and help!

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