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ScriptHookV and Asiloader Seemingly being ignored

  • Ok, I think my problem should be something simple, but I can't figure out what's happening and online solutions have nothing to do with it.

    I've installed ScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll and NativeTrainer.asi to my GTA V folder, where GTA5.exe is and where the GTAVLauncher.exe is. Note: There is only one installation.

    I've also installed a car spawner addon that only needs ScriptHookV.dll (and not the dotnet one).

    The mods should be called by F4 and F5 keys. But F4 does nothing and F5 switches to Franklin (which was already the key binding before I installed asiloader).

    It could be some specific issue because I'm playing with Wine on Linux, but I never had any other issue, and problems loading the dll's should crash the game or generate some output, but I can't find any mention about errors in Wine's output. There's no log being generated anywhere either. It just doesn't do anything.

    I've tested using another launcher, I tried No GTAVLauncher and I had two results:

    1. Using just the .asi and trying to run GTA5.exe doesn't work, it just gives me a message asking to run PlayGTAV.exe, which is the same message it gave before. Again showing that it isn't loading the .asi plugin at all.
    2. Using the .exe it just behaves the same as the launcher I had before, it just a bit faster by skipping a intro the other has.

    Is there something else I could test or check?


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