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Why gun fire makes no ambient light ?

  • Hello guys !
    Why shooting guns doesn't make light around like exhaust backfire or fire fx ? It's ugly :'(

    alt text

    alt text

    Is it possible to fix that ? thanks

  • @togus_44 probably to do with the in game settings, but otherwise it’s this games physics as how light works in los santos.

  • @MegaDeveloper yep sad, but certainly the better way for a very good optimization

  • This post is deleted!

  • @togus_44


    These are the values you'll be interested in :thumbsup::

                <FlashFxLightEnabled value="true" /> (true = enable)
                <FlashFxLightCastsShadows value="true" /> (no visible player shadow cast in my quick test but might work with different settings or is just environmental shadows etc)
                <FlashFxLightOffsetDist value="0.000000" /> (how far in front of barrel the centre of light on ground is)
                <FlashFxLightRGBAMin x="255.000000" y="93.000000" z="25.000000" /> (colour/intensity of light min)
                <FlashFxLightRGBAMax x="255.000000" y="100.000000" z="50.000000" /> (colour/intensity of light max) 
                <FlashFxLightIntensityMinMax x="5.00000000" y="10.30000000" /> (min/max intensity of light on ground)
                <FlashFxLightRangeMinMax x="2.500000" y="6.000000" /> (light range min/max, how big circle of light on ground)
                <FlashFxLightFalloffMinMax x="24.000000" y="36.000000" /> (falloff min/max, lower values = brighter (slightly) & more range/bigger ground light)

    Those settings above look like this in my game for the minigun. You may have to tweak them for your timecycle/night darkness etc :thumbsup:

    Minigun LightFX

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks for these settings and explanations :thumbsup:

  • Ok ! I found the solution, this line was the cause of the problem :

    <FlashFxLightCastsShadows value="false" />

    it has been changed on true after installing OIV sound mod, so entirely my fault, THX for your answers !

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