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  • Hello every one please help me to fix this error while i am starting game after installing update 1.48 daimond casino (err_mem_embeddedalloc_guard_1) this error comes out i installed
    Gta v heap adjuster
    packfile limit adjuster
    please help to fix this error

  • @RAJA-SOOMRO, Not sure what's going on. You didn't give much detail. First, try to run the game. If/when it crashes go to 'Event Viewer' in Windows and click on 'Applications'. Look for a red warning sign that says 'Error....'. Click on that and wait until the error message box comes up. When it does scroll through the report. It should mention an 'error with GTAV.exe and then end with whatever the problem is. Paste that message here and maybe I or someone else can figure out what's up.

  • err_mem_embeddedalloc_guard 1 this err comes out when i startin game

  • @RAJA SOOMRO , Okay, so as I mentioned, when the game crashes immediately go to 'Event Viewer'. Not sure how to find it in Win10, but you should be able to type 'Event' in the search bar in the 'Start Menu'. It will bring up Event Viewer. Once you get EV open there should be a list on the far left side that says 'Event Viewer (Local). There will be folders beneath that and you want to open the one that says 'Windows Logs'. Click the first one that says 'Application'. That will call up a list in the center of the window that says 'Application Number of Events'. In that column, look for a red circle with a white '!' in it that has the word 'Error' and the date your system crashed last. Click on that line and a window will pop up. Read the first tab that says 'General'. There will be a detailed description of what the cause of the crash was and what kind of crash happened. If it was GTA5.exe that crashed, copy and paste the message here. You obviously have a 'memory issue', now we need more info on 'why' you're having problems.

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