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[VEHICLE] - Chaparral 2J

  • Random vehicle request that I thought of because I saw that someone had already made the Chaparral 2E. It would be dope if someone was able to find a model for this car and create a GTA 5 vehicle mod for it but it would probably be a difficult task simply due to the lack of 3D models out there of the car. This car is insanely unique and would really stand out from most other vehicle mods.

    Hopefully this post brings awareness to the existence of this car potentially inspiring someone to make a vehicle mod for this car. If not that is completely understandable though.

    Article about the 2J

  • thats a real car?

  • @zenspex Yep, its pretty insane. It was banned from races because it essentially used the fans on the back to draw air in and create a vacuum that enhanced the car's aerodynamics.

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