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[WIP] Custom mask models and textures

  • These masks were originally for another project I was working on, but hoping to find someone with a full copy of zmodeler to convert and weight them.

    Custom meshes by SadSadKiddie with a plethora of textures by me in substance painter. custom normals, spec maps, buckles, a full strap setup, etc. Just need importing

    I'm used to weighting, tweaking meshes, and doing custom textures for fallout 4, very different since the tools for most (non gta v) games are free. . . Anyone with a full copy who would like to help put these into a DLC pack? Happy to credit them :)

    Two of the multiple manhunt themed paint schemes for the metal mask.

    The Smileys
    Smileys metal mask

    The Skullz
    Skullz metal mask

    Goalie mask in a semi classical style. thinking of using mine as a replacer til I can get the mesh used for "hockey heat" in payday 2.

    the ones I did for gta V use classic patterns such as the Jason Voorhees paint used in early releases of gta V and one covered in tally marks (not shown, only had a pic of my fallout paint scheme uploaded)

    one of the hockey mask meshes

  • solved.

    now to learn how one transfers/sets weighting.alt text

  • Hi, i thunk i can convert your mask into game.. contact me on discord: Comunista_CZ#9594

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