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[VEHICLE] Opel Calibra (Team / DTM)

  • Hi guys !

    I searched unsuccessfully for a long time an Opel Calibra model car. I love this car, i have one for real too, and i wanted to play with on GTA V :D

    alt text
    This is the Team Edition (The one i have, same color, it's a Rio Verde)

    alt text
    And this is a DTM Edition, for mooore fun and tunning parts haha

    Thanks a lot if someone can do this for me <3

    Kiss my friends

  • No one ? :(

    I know the Original/Team is difficult because she is not in any "new" games, but i know the DTM is in Assetto Corsa, so you can toke the model :D

    I hope someone can do this !

  • @Kyzar
    you can not, execute it took me hundreds of hours, no one without permission can not be used in low conversions

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